2024 Snapshot Webinar Series: Transforming Instruction and Assessment for High School Science

2024 Snapshot Webinar Series: Transforming Instruction and Assessment for High School Science

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Quick Take:  Are you looking for ways to shift your instruction and assessment to empower your high school students to figure out science? Join us for one or all of these FREE, engaging, "snapshot" webinars for high school science teachers to learn about instructional routines and tools you can use to transform your instruction. Discover strategies for three-dimensional teaching & learning, productive discussions, cultivating a community of learners, making thinking visible, and three-dimensional assessments in science education.

Three-Dimensional Teaching & Learning • Productive Discussions • Cultivating a Community of Learners • Making Thinking Visible • Three-Dimensional Assessments 

FREE Professional Learning Webinar Series for High School Science Educators 🚀

At Activate Learning, we’re committed to empowering educators, providing teacher-centered professional learning, and fostering deeper comprehension in STEM subjects for students.

Building on the tremendous success of our first Snapshot Webinar Series last year on three-dimensional learning for middle school students, we’re excited to announce the return of the webinar series for Summer/Fall 2024! This year, we're focusing on transforming instruction and assessment for high school science classrooms, which promises to be an even more impactful experience!

The emphasis for these FREE professional learning webinars will be on demonstrating our research-grounded strategies for implementing three-dimensional learning in high school settings. The webinars are designed to provide practical insights into refining teaching techniques and promoting deeper student engagement. Each session will be an engaging, hands-on, interactive hour filled with valuable insights and tools designed to empower teachers with strategies to shift students' thinking from learning about science to figuring out science using curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We're excited to have Michelle Tindall, a seasoned professional educator and facilitator, presenting each webinar. With over two decades of experience teaching high school science and mathematics, as well as facilitating professional learning in science, mathematics, and technology integration, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the series. 

Pre-Webinar Resources & Readings for High School Science Teachers

To help you get the most out of the webinar series, we've compiled a reading list and resources for you to explore before the sessions:

  • Recaps: 2023 Snapshot Webinar Series [read more]
  • The Future of High School STEM Education (3-part blog series) [read more]
  • Blog Post: Phenomenal Futures: Developing Science Identity in High School Students Using Investigative Research Projects [read more]
  • Blog Post: Establishing a Baseline of Science Communication Skills for Middle and High School Students [read more]
  • Blog Post: How to Prepare High School Students for the Future of Biology-Driven Industries and Careers [read more]
  • Meet the Activate Learning Professional Learning Team [read more]

Get a jump on the 2024/2025 school year. Join us for one or all of these FREE webinars and take your students on an exciting science learning journey that will propel them to a bright, STEM-driven future! 

Can't attend the live webinars? Don't worry! Be sure to subscribe to our Deeper Learning newsletter to receive the webinar recaps, including links to the recordings and all the free resources shared during the sessions. 


Let the Summer of inspirational professional learning begin! 😎🚀

Webinar Sessions

Three-Dimensional Teaching & Learning 

Wednesday, June 26, 7PM-8PM (EST)

How do we engage high school students in figuring out concepts through doing science?

Engaging students in three-dimensional teaching and learning puts them at the center of the learning process, where they are using the practices of science to deepen their understanding of science concepts. Join us to learn ways to shift your instruction as we take a closer look at an OpenSciEd High School lesson. 

Productive Discussions in Science

Tuesday, July 30, 7PM-8PM (EST)

How do we use discussions to help high school students make sense of the world around them?

Productive classroom discussions scaffold learning, help construct meaning of data and observations, push students to think deeply, and give students opportunities to communicate their understanding. Discover how varied discussion types and facilitation questions can help deepen students’ science understanding.

Cultivating a Community of Learners

Wednesday, August 28, 7PM-8PM (EST)

How do we foster an equitable learning community where all students are engaged in constructing new knowledge?

A community of learners supports students’ sensemaking with respectful relationships, common expectations, student contributions, and a growth mindset. Discover ways to introduce these elements into your instructional practice in a high school setting.

Making Thinking Visible

Thursday, September 26, 7PM-8PM (EST) 

How do we help high school students show their thinking and deepen their understanding of science concepts with drawings and writing?

Teachers gain insight into their students’ understanding when students draw models, make claims, and argue from evidence. Discover routines and instructional practices that help your students deepen their understanding of science. 

Three-Dimensional Assessments

Tuesday, October 29 7PM-8PM (EST) 

How do we use three-dimensional assessments to inform instruction and support students’ growth?

A shift to three-dimensional assessments provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their use of science practices along with their understanding of science content. Discover the elements of three-dimensional assessments and ways to transform your assessments to align with three-dimensional learning in a high school setting.

About Michelle Tindall Michelle Tindall, Professional Learning Facilitator

Michelle Tindall is a professional educator whose career focused primarily on teaching high school science and mathematics and facilitating professional learning in science, mathematics, and technology integration for over twenty years. She has been a science education consultant and university instructor, in the area of teacher preparation, since 2021. Formerly, she was a K-12 Math/Science Curriculum Coordinator and Secondary Curriculum Technology Integrator. 

Michelle has promoted three-dimensional teaching and learning, student-centered instruction, and STEM education in her roles as a facilitator for OpenSciEd, Modeling Instruction, and NGSX. Michelle earned a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.A. in Secondary Education at Wayne State University.


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