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Professional Learning fuels the passion of teachers.

Educators are energized and equipped to actively guide students through rigorous science investigations.

Activate Learning supports educators by providing multiple opportunities to experience three-dimensional curriculum and instruction, to understand how the curriculum design works, and to analyze an array of instructional practices that foster meaningful student engagement in science.

  • Sessions led by our facilitators will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the research-based instructional practices of our phenomena-driven curriculum and how it incorporates a three-dimensional designed experience for all students. 
  • Our approach is aligned with the Science Professional Learning Standards and is designed to provide meaningful and sustainable support for educators.
  • The workshop settings allow and encourage exploration of science concepts and instructional practices consistent with the research found in A Framework for K-12 Science Education. 
  • Multi-year Professional Learning plans can be personalized to fit the needs and goals of the district and schools. We will work with your designated district leadership team to personalize a plan based on your specific needs.

Key Elements Embedded in our Professional Learning:

  • Productive discourse that supports sensemaking
  • Collaborative learning experiences
  • Planning around standards-based instruction
  • Differentiation strategies 
  • Lesson preparation that includes research-based tools and resources

We specialize in personalized services and will partner with you to create unique learning experiences for your teachers, based on the needs of your students and the goals of your science program.

This menu is a sample of our Professional Learning service offering.

Please contact us for help designing your personalized Professional Learning plan.

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Activate Learning is a Certified OpenSciEd Professional Learning Provider

Our comprehensive professional learning resources provide the necessary content, structure, and support to experience three-dimensional teaching and learning with OpenSciEd.

IQWST® Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology

Sessions are designed to prepare teachers with the practical elements of enacting a curriculum for the first time and provide a vision for the long-term goals of the implementation of A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

IQWST Professional Learning opportunities are structured around the following categories to support the goals for teacher and student learning:


Activate Learning PRIME®

The goals of the Activate Learning PRIME™ program are to preserve the curiosity and open mindedness that children bring to their environment and to link hands-on explorations in the real world with accurate science content through thinking, reflection, and discussion. Throughout the program, students ask questions, explore materials, share and refine ideas, solve problems, and, ultimately, use critical thinking to make informed decisions.

Activate Learning PRIME™ Professional Learning opportunities are structured around the following categories to support the goals for teacher and student learning:

Activate Learning High School Series

The Activate Learning High School series includes:

  • Active Physical Science®
  • Active Chemistry®
  • Active Physics®
  • EarthComm®
  • Engineering the Future®

Professional Learning opportunities are structured around the following categories to support the goals for teacher and student learning:


Meet Our Professional Learning Team

Activate Learning’s Professional Learning team is a highly qualified and uniquely diverse cadre of consultants comprised of educators, curriculum developers, implementation users, and mentors who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing research-based 3-Dimensional aligned curricula.

Tracy Marmolejo

Professional Learning Manager

Jennifer Gutierrez

Jen Gutierrez

Customer Success Specialist &

PL Facilitator

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Ellen Mintz

PL Facilitator


Brian Klaft

PL Facilitator

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Marilyn Schmidt

PL Facilitator

Jodi Bahr

Jodi Bahr

PL Facilitator


Chris Gleason

PL Facilitator


Diane Wright

PL Facilitator


Gary Curts

High School Science Curriculum Specialist


Michelle Tindall

PL Facilitator


Leigh Coleman

PL Facilitator