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Empowering Student Voices: The Power of Equitable Discussions in Science Education with OpenSciEd

Quick Take: Our recent Snapshot Webinar on 3D learning uncovers the transformative power of OpenSciEd in fostering equitable discussions in...
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Snapshot Strategies and Resources: Student Sensemaking in OpenSciEd

Quick Take: The second session of our Snapshot Webinars on 3-Dimensional Learning: Student Sensemaking, takes you on a journey from...
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Phenomenal Futures: Developing Science Identity in High School Students Using Investigative Research Projects

Phenomenal Futures: Developing Science Identity in High School Students Using Investigative Research Projects High school is a pivotal time for...
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Meet the New Curriculum Kid on the Block: The OpenSciEd High School Science Program Blasts Off!

Teachers and school leaders are pumped! Over the past 2 years, over 300 educators in 10 states have been giving...
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The Top 5 ‘Aha Moments’ from Our 3D Learning Webinar on Making Thinking Visible

Quick Take: The first session of our 5-part webinar series, Snapshot Webinars on 3-Dimensional Learning to Ignite Your Science Classroom, was...
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What is Investigation-Centered Science and How Does It Foster Hands-On STEM Education?

Quick Take: Investigation-Centered Science is pedagogical approach that emphasizes experiential learning, empowering students to actively engage in scientific investigations. IQWST...
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What’s a Driving Question Board and How Does It Shift Students from Learning Science to Actively DOING Science?

Quick Take: The Driving Question Board is a powerful tool for transforming science education that prepares students for STEM careers...
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Building Science Kits with Heart and Soul: Innovation and Student Empowerment Through Hands-On Learning (part 1)

"Every book we ship, every kit we ship, every Professional Learning we conduct, offers opportunity. Opportunity for the teacher to...
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Reading Supports for Budding Student Scientists

Help students flourish with new writing and reading supports available on the Activate Learning Digital Platform. Do any of these...
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