Digital Platform

Enjoy an intuitive digital platform where teachers access features that enhance their curriculum and make science more teachable.

We know that engaging students in investigation-centered science takes effort and time, and that often there are not enough hours in a day.

Over the years, we've seen many districts struggle with the implementation of other science programs in their classrooms — especially when a digital platform does not meet the needs of teachers and students.

We believe teachers deserve a robust and easily accessible science curriculum that offers ongoing implementation support so that no matter what happens, science happens—effectively and equitably.

We’ve been in the K-12 curriculum development space for decades and recognize the need for high-quality NGSS-aligned curricula, an intuitive digital platform and ongoing implementation support.

I love using IQWST online for 7th grade science!! Both me and my students use the digital platform. The storyline for 7th grade is clear and builds upon previous learning.  The labs are engaging, the digital platform makes lesson planning easy, and each lesson seems to flow into the next seamlessly.  

Lesson planning is fast and easy, allowing me to prep for labs, meet accommodations, and reserve my brain power and time for meeting the needs of my students year to year, day to day, and even hour to hour.  The students appreciate the digital platform as well. When asked, students liked the digital platform for typing their responses. 

Kristina Wing, MAT

7th Grade Science Teacher

Welcome to the Activate Learning Digital Platform
Your mission control for science class.

The Activate Learning Digital Platform (ALDP) is where teachers and students access the interactive digital edition of our curriculum materials.

Our platform is a one-stop gateway to easier curriculum navigation, streamlined lesson planning, and improved accessibility for all students. The digital platform also quickly connects educators to professional learning and integrates seamlessly with other classroom systems.

Science is meant to be taught in the classroom and ALDP supports teachers in every aspect of the 3-Dimensional classroom.

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    Planning, lesson delivery and materials management.

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    Classroom discourse, student work and assignments.

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    Grading and professional learning.

With intuitive features like Lesson Launch, language translation, kit navigation and more, teachers love the ease and access to time-saving resources and implementation support.

Take a tour of the OpenSciEd Middle School curriculum on the Activate Learning Digital Platform.


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Find everything that
Teachers and students need to succeed right here.

Teachers get easy access to:

  • High quality science instructional materials
  • Extensive prep materials and videos
  • Standard-based instruction plans
  • Streamlined tools and resources
  • Customizable lesson plans
  • Teaching slides
  • Assignments
  • Assessments
  • Grade pass back
  • LMS Integrations

So educators can more easily plan, teach, assign and assess for every student in the classroom. Quickly customize content, assess progress and provide feedback using a resource-rich platform that saves time and boosts student performance.

At Activate Learning we believe in
Supporting with digital—not supplanting with digital.
Plug and play is not the way.

With the Activate Learning Digital Platform students can:

  • Apply their learning authentically
  • Engage like scientists
  • Record observations
  • Annotate and highlight text
  • Get real-time teacher feedback
  • Build models to represent ideas
  • Review and revise assignments
  • Take assessments

We offer inclusive features that help all students engage in our programs:

  • AccessiBe customizable web accessibility tools
  • Modeling supports like drawing tools and stamps
  • Visual supports like font sizing and high contrast
  • Writing supports such as sentence starters
  • Reading supports, recorded audio, highlighting and annotations
  • Dictionary with read-aloud definitions
  • Embedded text translation to over 130 languages
  • Text-to-speech with read along highlighting in 39 languages!

We integrate nicely.

The Activate Learning Digital Platform fully integrates with important classroom systems like:

  • Leading SIS Platforms

  • Google Classroom

  • Schoology

  • Canvas

Our digital platform provides a streamlined solution that makes teaching flow better. And if you do hit any bumps, remember, we’re here to help you implement your STEM curriculum with ongoing support for the entire phase of your program adoption.

The Activate Learning Digital Platform helps educators implement science curricula every step of the way.

Accessing the curriculum is easy and
Log in help is here.

How do teachers log in to the ALDP?

  • Your district will receive a custom URL for access.
  • EX:
  • Teachers log in using the unique URL to access the platform.

Need help logging into your account?

  • We can help.

Connect with our support team.

How do students log in to the ALDP?

  • Students use the same district login page as teachers, unless integrating with an LMS (e.g. Google Classroom, Schoology).
  • In this case, students follow links to our system published in the assignments in their LMS.