About Activate Learning

Activate Learning helps educators implement K-12 investigation-centered science curriculum, every step of the way.

Activate Learning offers
Great curricula, a powerful digital platform and unbeatable implementation support.

We are a team of educators, educational leaders, administrators, sales consultants and professional facilitators who provide ongoing support to teachers and districts while ensuring our curriculum is relatable, adaptable and successful.

We know what makes a science curriculum great.

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    Ease of use

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We offer high-quality K-12 programs in print and an interactive digital platform that anticipate the unique stressors of science education so that teachers can engage all students more easily.

Students will experience a curriculum that is relevant —culturally, personally or consequentially, so that they become more invested in their science education.

We provide quality-tested science kits and personalized implementation support to help teachers in the classroom, saving time and building confidence at every turn.

When we help educators implement science curriculum, teaching becomes easier and all students can achieve.

As one of our school district partners recently shared “Activate Learning is a great support system for me, for the district, for the teachers and for the kids. It’s a one-stop shop for everything we need to support our science program and science instruction in our district.”

We’re All About Teamwork.

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Executive and Leadership Team

Driving the mission, vision and goals for Activate Learning, the Executive team taps into decades of educational leadership to move our innovative company successfully forward.


Sales Team

In the field, at conferences, on the phone and in the schools, the sales and marketing team helps schools select their curriculum and connects them to ongoing professional learning. Your sales consultant is your point of contact for curriculum questions during the selection and proposal phase.

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Product Development Team

Where technical development meets curriculum-level expertise, the product team ensures Activate Learning meets the needs of your students, your teachers and your schools with an engaging, investigation-centered curriculum supported by a first-rate digital platform.


Professional Learning Team

Our Professional Learning facilitators are the driving force of implementation, and you will be sure to get to know this team. From workshops to multi-year implementation plans, our professional learning team will be with you from curriculum launch to full program implementation. We help districts with the pedagogical shift to 3-Dimensional learning and we design completely personalized Professional Learning Plans that ease implementation and meet the needs of your teachers and students.


Support Team

Our Support and Customer Service team takes pride in offering high quality support to districts and that starts from the beginning of the purchasing process and continues well throughout the implementation process to ensure your success in the classroom. We offer support for educators that include a 24/7 help desk, phone sessions, email, chat, and our Customer Support Center. Our team handles quote customization, ordering, digital subscription set ups and ongoing product and tech support. We are currently providing support to over 10,000 school districts across the country, including dozens of districts with over 20,000 students. Large or small, we are here to help make your implementation a success.

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Operations Team

Our excellent operations team ensures competence and builds confidence in our products. Tasked with quality assurance, testing science kit materials, order fulfillment, shipping and tracking, we want you to have the best science education products on the market, and we take every step to ensure top quality materials and timely delivery.


Administrative Team

Covering finance and human resources, the admin team handles integral responsibilities that keep Activate Learning running smoothly.

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Join the Activate Learning Team

Activate Learning takes great pride in hiring talented education professionals and administrators who are passionate about investigation-centered science education. We’re on a mission to equip educators with engaging curriculum, essential materials, effective digital experience, and personalized professional learning support.

If you’d like to join us on this mission, follow our LinkedIn page to view company updates and available career opportunities.