Classroom Science Kits & Books

That deliver the quality, reliability and ease that educators need to be the best science teachers around.

At Activate Learning, we understand that as an educator you work hard every day to engage your students at different levels and with different needs.

Our K-12 science kits & books are designed to make your job easier with built-in kit support, lesson bagging and additional intuitive features that will give you time back in your day.

Activate Learning is a whole approach to science education, offering high-quality curricula, an interactive digital platform, classroom science kits, print student and teacher materials, and implementation support to help teachers and students succeed.

What makes our Classroom Science Kits & Books better?
Hmmm…. where to start?

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We perform rigorous testing to ensure the quality and safety of our science kits and materials, and we have a no-hassle replacement guarantee. Activate Learning provides the highest quality STEM teaching materials at a comfortable price point, so educators get the resources they need to succeed.

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Fast Delivery

We keep many of our classroom science kits in stock so we can ensure fast shipping speed to our schools. We know that your lessons depend on the timely delivery of the materials you need so we make speedy shipping a priority.

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Time-Saving Features

Science kits and materials are delivered in stackable, protective, reusable totes, making it easy to stay organized and get to what you need quickly. For our IQWST and OpenSciEd programs, we’ve added features that teachers love like lesson-bagging and Kit Companion™ to save time.

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Dedicated and Friendly Support

Teachers get access to real people for help and support. We don’t just want you to buy our Books & Kits, we want you to love using our Books & Kits! So we have a dedicated professional learning team just for you. Our implementation support is second-to-none and you’ll have access to us every step of the way.

Kit Companion™ by Activate Learning.

QR codes that save the day.

If you haven't experienced teaching science with investigation kits before, it can be challenging.  Kit Companion is the missing link, filling a crucial gap in educational information for science teachers. Tailored specifically for educators, Kit Companion serves as a comprehensive guide, revolutionizing the way you access educational information. No more endless searches for resources; instead, immerse yourself seamlessly with our user-friendly interface.

With a quick smartphone scan of the outside of your kit’s box you get packing slips, assembly guides, educational information, and much, much more!

Classroom Science Kits & Equipment
It’s in the bag.

Investigative science requires materials, and materials take time to gather. We understand. This is why we group our K-8 science materials by lesson so they are easily sorted and ready to use in the classroom.

With Activate Learning teachers get quick access to:

  • All the materials needed for investigations
  • Organized & neatly bagged materials
  • Student kits for remote learning
  • Fast-track orders for additional materials
  • A visual packing slip to make everything easy to find
  • Sturdy, stackable, spill-proof containers
  • Ongoing implementation support

See how Activate Learning’s Books, Classroom Science Kits and Mobile-friendly Kit Companion™ make teaching science more enjoyable and doable.

Activate Learning is here to help you get started, and we will be with you every step of the way.

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