Activate Your Best Teaching Year: Meet our Science Curriculum Team at These Events!🔥

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Get Tools and Research-Based Strategies to Propel Your Science Students to Success in 2024! 🚀 

Get ready for another year of groundbreaking science teaching and learning with Activate Learning! As we head into 2024, explore our innovative approaches for engaging students with meaningful, relevant, and exciting learning experiences.

Meet our curriculum specialists and professional learning team at science education events and conferences this winter and spring. Learn about our research-based, NGSS-aligned curriculum and how investigation-centered science facilitates critical thinking and real-world problem-solving in students.

At our live workshop sessions and exhibit booths, you’ll get hands-on demos of our award-winning K-12 programs, including PRIME, IQWST, EarthComm, and OpenSciEd. And you'll get fresh ideas and ready-to-implement strategies to make this year your most innovative one yet. As always, we’ll have fun giveaways and surprises in store (there will be plenty of swag!).

The upcoming months will offer numerous opportunities to connect with our experts and network with other awesome science educators at these events. Stay tuned for updates (we're adding more events to the calendar soon!).

2024 GSTA Conference

February 22-23 | Columbus, GA




The upcoming CSTA conference will gather science educators to exchange ideas and resources, enhancing student learning. Emphasizing the profound impact of science on our lives, the conference aims to understand how scientific knowledge is acquired and linked to explanations, creating a unified view of the world. The program features sessions on various themes: integrating students’ science journey with 3D learning, connecting science with informal settings, exploring the relationship between science, advocacy, and social issues, merging research with best practices, and the intersection of science and literacy. This event is pivotal in linking science to our world.

Pennsylvania STEELS Events

Pennsylvania steels standards science events

The following PA STEELS events will be a great opportunity for teachers, science leaders, administrators, and other interested educators to learn about resources that align with the new PA Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy & Sustainability (STEELS) standards. Vendors will share their resources supporting STEELS implementation. Activate Learning will be exhibiting at the following STEELS events:

  • February 27:  IU 13 STEELS Institute (Lancaster, PA)
  • February 29:  STEELS Vendor Fair at Bucks County IU (Doylestown, PA) [register]
  • March 11:  PA STEELS Summit at IU12 (New Oxford, PA) [register]
  • March 13:  PA STEELS Regional Vendor Fair (Blairsville, PA)
  • April 23:  MCIU STEELS Expo (Prussia, PA)

2024 MSTA Annual Conference

March 1-2 | Lansing, MI





The Michigan Science Teachers Association hosts its annual conference. This much-anticipated event is expected to draw hundreds of science educators for exhibits, professional learning, and networking.

Friday, March 1 (11:00AM - 12:00PM)

  • The OpenSciEd Instructional Model: Routines for Advancing Students Through a Storyline (Middle School):  Using a storyline approach, a logical sequence of lessons that are motivated by students’ questions that arise from their interactions with phenomena, we’ll navigate through the OpenSciEd model using five routines - activities that play specific roles in advancing the storyline with structures to help students achieve the objectives of those activities.

Saturday, March 2 (12:00PM - 1:00PM)

  • Using Anchoring Phenomena and Driving Question Boards to Spark Student Questioning (Middle School):  As one of the science practices embedded in the NGSS, asking questions and defining problems provides students with an authentic and meaningful entry point into science and engineering. Taken from “Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology” (IQWST), participants will experience a puzzling chemistry phenomenon and learn how to elicit, organize, and revisit students’ questions so that students feel ownership over their own learning.

NSTA 2024 Denver

March 21-23 | Denver, CO




Join the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) for four days of unparalleled inspiration, learning, and connection at the nation’s premier professional learning event for science educators. Discover best practices and strategies to help shape the future of science education. Hear from an acclaimed lineup of speakers, each sharing inspiring stories and motivating experiences that will provide fresh perspectives and new possibilities.

Booth: #426  |  Sessions Room: 101

Activate Learning Sessions March 21:

  • Supporting Literacy in the Science Classroom – Reading to Learn! (PRIME, grades K-2)
  • EarthComm – A System Approach to Teaching Earth Science (EarthComm, High School)
  • Supporting Students’ Communication Using Differentiated Strategies (IQWST, grades 6-8)
  • Using Informational Texts to Support the Sensemaking Journey (PRIME, grades 3-5)
  • Engaging Your Students with Integrated Physics & Chemistry (Integrating Physics & Chemistry, High School)

Activate Learning Sessions March 22:

  • Enhancing Equitable Discussions Using Scientists Circles (OpenSciEd, Middle School)
  • OpenSciEd Elementary Awareness (grades K-5)
  • An Engaging Introduction Into OpenSciEd for High School
  • Enhancing Equitable Discussions Using Scientists Circles (OpenSciEd, Middle School)
  • Encouraging Equitable Participation During a Discussion in the OpenSciEd High School Classroom





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