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Empowering Student Voices: The Power of Equitable Discussions in Science Education with OpenSciEd

Quick Take: Our recent Snapshot Webinar on 3D learning uncovers the transformative power of OpenSciEd in fostering equitable discussions in...
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Snapshot Strategies and Resources: Student Sensemaking in OpenSciEd

Quick Take: The second session of our Snapshot Webinars on 3-Dimensional Learning: Student Sensemaking, takes you on a journey from...
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Free Science Teaching Resources: Astronomy and James Webb Space Telescope Lessons

Download the Free Poster and James Webb Space Telescope Lessons Over the next 50 years, thousands of people will travel...
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Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum: the Key to Unlocking Student Potential

A Better Way to Teach Science and Facilitate Deeper Learning with Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum "Being culturally responsive is being...
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Assessing Student Learning: Engaging Teachers, Students, and Parents

'I just don't understand why my students did so poorly on this benchmark exam, guys. I posted the learning goal...
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