Big News for OpenSciEd! OpenSciEd Middle School Earns an “All-Green” Rating by EdReports


Quick Take: We're excited to share the big announcement that the OpenSciEd Middle School science program has earned a rare "All-Green" rating from EdReports, confirming its status as a high-quality, effective program for science education!

Congratulations to OpenSciEd Middle School!

2023 is off to an exciting start with the recent announcement that OpenSciEd Middle School science curriculum has earned an "All-Green" rating by EdReports.

As a certified partner and distributor of OpenSciEd, Activate Learning has been a strong believer in OpenSciEd's mission of delivering innovative, high-quality science materials to all students. We have witnessed first-hand, in schools across the country, how transformative the curriculum has been for teachers and students.

We're excited to share the big announcement that OpenSciEd's NGSS-aligned, middle school science program has earned a rare "All-Green" rating from EdReports, confirming its status as a high-quality, effective program for science education!

What is the OpenSciEd Middle School Curriculum?

OpenSciEd Middle School is an open-source science curriculum for grades 6-8 that meets Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This high fidelity curriculum has been developed by experienced educators with extensive backgrounds in both science and education. Over 50,000 teachers nationwide are providing students with meaningful learning experiences in STEM through inquiry-based instruction, and now EdReports has awarded OpenSciEd Middle School an All-Green rating.

Why is this announcement such a big deal?

There are almost 50,000 teachers currently using OpenSciEd materials in their classrooms nationwide. An "All-Green" rating from EdReports means that many more teachers will now have the tools and validation they need to bring transformative, equitable learning to all students. And that's a fantastic reason to celebrate!

Delivering Highest Quality OpenSciEd Middle School Curriculum

Activate Learning takes great pride in offering the most comprehensive version of OpenSciEd available on the market today. Our team is dedicated to staying true to the original curriculum and keeping current with ongoing updates to our digital version. Our digital platform enables teachers to easily navigate through their course material while providing engaging activities for their students as they learn.

At Activate Learning we are passionate about providing teachers and students with the highest quality materials possible. We also provide science kits that contain all of the supplies necessary to complete every lesson in every unit so that teachers can focus on teaching instead of gathering supplies. Finally, we offer professional learning support so that teachers can feel confident when implementing this curriculum into their classrooms.

Educators can rest assured knowing they are getting only the best resources when using the Activate Learning version of OpenSciEd. Contact us for more information about our certified OpenSciEd Middle School print and digital materials, science kits, and professional learning.

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