Activate Learning - IQWST

Interactive Digital Edition

Best described as an “Interactive Science Curriculum & Notebook,” IQWST Interactive Digital Edition (IDE) is the first truly interactive middle school science curriculum for tablets and laptops. This new edition of the IQWST science curriculum expands the ways in which students are able to engage with science as it incorporates audio, video, graphic simulations, and writing and drawing tools into the already powerful IQWST curriculum.

Introducing IQWST Interactive Digital Edition

IQWST (Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology) is a grade 6-8 program designed to engage students in scientific practices as they experience phenomena and investigate science questions. Teachers are able to address key science concepts and literacy skills, including both NGSS and the Common Core for Literacy in Science, as their students read, write, talk, and do science, engaging in scientific practices as they learn core ideas and crosscutting concepts key to STEM learning.

The Interactive Digital Edition extends what the print version of IQWST can do, enabling students and their teachers to interact with the curriculum in ways that leverage the power of new technologies.

IQWST IDE Student Benefits

Students are immersed in an interactive environment, including compelling digital features:

  • “digital journals” for recording students’ original questions and data to support answering them
  • communication and collaboration tools with their teacher(s) and other students
  • embedded videos
  • embedded simulations
  • audio versions of each reading

Distinguished from a typical e-book not only by these features, but also by the captivating manner in which students are asked to engage with both the readings and activities through written prompts, the IQWST Interactive Digital Edition supports reading comprehension and retention, writing skills, and science content learning for a wide range of learners. Students’ written responses and models are stored for revisiting and revising, as well as for electronic submission to their teachers, so their progress toward learning goals can being frequently monitored.

IQWST at its core is an investigation-centered curriculum, and the Interactive Digital Edition remains true to this approach. Students utilize their devices while investigating phenomena. The Interactive Digital Edition text provides investigation procedures, ways to collect and organize data, and prompts to support students in analyzing data and using their data to construct explanations as they go. Students can respond to questions textually or by making digital drawings, or they can take pictures or capture video in each lesson. Digital probeware further enhances students' ability to collect and share data as scientists might.

IQWST IDE Teacher Benefits

Teacher tools include:

  • An integrated, easy-to-use Teacher Edition for each lesson
  • Inline NGSS and Common Core standards correlations
  • Detailed setup videos providing activity setup instructions for appropriate lessons
  • Ability for students to digitally compose and submit answers to teachers
  • Ability for teachers to provide written feedback to students
  • Aggregated reporting of student and class responses, provides a “macro” view of overall progress

Preparing for lessons is oftentimes an intensive and lengthy experience frequently involving several sets of reference materials. And, as teachers know, there is usually a tremendous and sometimes overwhelming amount of resources and information available to help them prepare. IQWST is no exception. So, how best to access this information? In a book-like format? We think there is a better way.

The Interactive Digital Edition takes a more intelligent layered approach to the organization of the various teacher resources available. Rather than the linear construct forced by the confines of a printed book, the Interactive Digital Edition provides the teacher resources at your fingertips within the context of the main content, as a unified and simple-to-use single tool.


As students progress through each lesson, their written responses are sent to the teacher electronically. Teachers receive real-time formative assessment information, enabling them to monitor progress and modify instruction at the individual, small-group, or whole-class level.


Teachers can easily track progress towards meeting NGSS and the Common Core as the system displays which standards are being addressed in each lesson. Our pending “Standards Engine” technology plans to go further, aligning to state standards, as well as providing sophisticated querying tools for more intensive standards-based efforts.


In addition to descriptive material, many lessons include video that demonstrates the procedure for setting up investigation equipment or materials.