Drop the Mic: A Classroom Science Poetry Slam Students Will Love

Drop the Mic: A Classroom Science Poetry Slam Students Will Love🎤

Classroom Science Poetry Slam for Students
[Image: Harding Academy hosts live poetry performance event for grades K-6 featuring original poems created by students. CREDIT: Harding Academy]

Engage Students in New and Creative Ways with a Classroom Science Poetry Slam!

Looking for ideas and inspiration for end-of-year classroom activities? Try a Science Poetry Slam! We've curated a list of 10 science-themed poems that will get students snapping their fingers and thinking about science in new and creative ways.

  1. X-Ray (Danielle Legros Georges)  [read]
  2. My Proteins (Jane Hirshfield | 2013)  [read]
  3. The Sciences Sing A Lullaby (Albert Goldbarth | 2007)  [read]
  4. Evolution (Linda Bierds | 2019)  [read]
  5. Astronomy Lesson (Alan R. Shapiro | 1987)  [read]
  6. Rocket Science (James A. Tweedie | 2021)  [read]
  7. Science Homework [Kenn Nesbitt, elementary student | 2007)  [read]
  8. Mrs. Darwin [Carol Ann Duffy, 1852]  [read]
  9. Engineering Poem (Kelvin Gathiru | 2021)  [read]
  10. My Dog Practices Geometry (Cathryn Essinger | 2004]  [read]

Break students into groups and have each group choose one poem to explore. Ask students to explain the science in the poem, and then host a competitive science poetry slam where students recite or perform their chosen poem (don’t forget to give the winners a fabulous science-themed prize!).

To help students analyze these poems, download this free Poetry Analysis Worksheet and Bookmarks from We Are Teachers. These resources encourage multiple readings, prompt students to consider the author's choices, and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings about the poem.

Download this free resource and watch your students become budding science poets! 😎


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