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Free Science Teaching Resources: Astronomy and James Webb Space Telescope Lessons

Download the Free Poster and James Webb Space Telescope Lessons Over the next 50 years, thousands of people will travel...
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Claim Evidence Reasoning Framework

Claim Evidence Reasoning Framework Every science teacher understands the value of students being able to explain phenomena, not simply to...
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How the Open Source Movement is Changing the Game for Science Teachers

STEM education must continually evolve to retain its relevance in a fast-changing world.  Teachers, students, and parents have all been...
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What is Systems Thinking?

Systems Thinking: A Tool for Understanding Complex Systems Systems thinking plays an important role in how science is being taught...
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Why Students Want Deeper Learning in STEM and How Teachers Can Help Them Achieve It

"Students emphasized, in both surveys and interviews, a loss of deep learning in STEM. In some cases, students noted that...
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STEM Career Narratives: Celebrating Women in STEM

In honor of Women's History Month in March, we invite you to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of Women...
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Inspirational STEM Career Narratives: African-American Scientists and Mathematicians

In honor of Black History Month in February, we invite you to join us to celebrate the accomplishments of African-Americans...
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What is Three-Dimensional Learning?

Three-Dimensional Learning shifts the focus of the science classroom to environments where students use disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts with...
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