Case Study: Igniting a Science Education Transformation in Ascension Parish School District with IQWST and OpenSciEd

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New Case Study featuring Ascension Parish Schools

Challenge: Ascension Parish Schools needed to overcome pandemic-induced learning loss and improve student engagement in STEM subjects.

Solution: The district adopted Activate Learning's personalized solution, combining IQWST and OpenSciEd science curricula on a single digital platform, tailored professional learning, and classroom resources.

Results: Increased student engagement, teacher support, and alignment with NGSS and Louisiana state requirements led  Ascension Parish to overcome challenges and successfully transform their science education program.

Erin Babin, Ed.D., Curriculum Specialist at Ascension Parish Schools

Activate Learning is thrilled to announce the release of a new case study featuring the remarkable success story of Ascension Parish Schools in revitalizing their science education program. Educators and school district leaders will find this case study insightful, as it explores the powerful impact of innovative, hands-on, and standards-aligned science curricula in fostering engagement and achievement in the classroom. Discover how Ascension Parish Schools transformed science education for their students and teachers with Activate Learning's personalized solutions.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Ascension Parish Schools faced the challenge of addressing learning loss and declining student engagement in STEM subjects. Determined to reinvigorate their science program, the district turned to Activate Learning to implement a personalized solution that combined IQWST and OpenSciEd science curricula. As a result, science classrooms became more interactive and engaging, with students actively participating in discussions and collaborative projects. The district's successful implementation of this innovative science program empowered teachers and inspired students to excel in science and engineering subjects.

Erin Babin, Ed.D., the curriculum specialist at Ascension Parish Schools, played an instrumental role in this transformation. Passionate about improving science education, Babin worked with Activate Learning to develop and implement the personalized curriculum. Through her leadership, Ascension Parish's collaboration with Activate Learning brought about a measurable change in student outcomes, with teachers feeling strongly supported in their implementation efforts.

It is worth noting that both the IQWST and Activate Learning's Certified Version of OpenSciEd were recently named Tier 1 curricula in Louisiana. This prestigious recognition further demonstrates the high-quality and effectiveness of the resources provided by Activate Learning, and serves as a testament to the power of this innovative approach in enhancing science education for students and teachers alike.

We invite educators and school district leaders to download and read this inspiring case study to learn how Ascension Parish Schools overcame the challenges of learning loss and declining student engagement in STEM subjects, and explore the power of a personalized curriculum in transforming science education. Download the case study now and ignite the passion for science in your students today!


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