Activate Learning® Acquires Conceptua® Math, Expands It's K-14 STEM Curriculum Offering

"We have been searching for the right, digital, elementary mathematics solution to complement our growing product line," said Eric Johnson, CEO of Activate Learning and a 20-year veteran of the industry. "Conceptua Math is the perfect fit, completely consistent with our emphasis on rich classroom discourse and deep conceptual learning. It stands out from all other online programs."

What Students Should Know about H2O And how it can impact their community

World Water Day provides us the opportunity to take a moment to observe and to act to maintain water resources. Water challenges - from global wetland preservation, to pollution in agriculture and manufacturing, to water conservation - should be a focus of World Water Day. Since we all need clean water resources, the importance of the day is clear.

Engineering the Future 2.0 Recertified by STEM Works

Engineering the Future: Science, Technology and the Design Process is a full-year high school curriculum recently added to Activate Learning’s portfolio, and has the twin benefits of being fully aligned with new standards while still making engineering design relevant to all students. Developed by the National Center for Technological Literacy (Museum of Science, Boston), Engineering the Future (EtF) was designed for schools in Massachusetts, the first state to include engineering as a full partner to the natural sciences in its education system. Now that engineering is woven into the fabric of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it is a leading candidate for adoption in more than 35 states that base their standards on the NGSS, or on A Framework for K-12 Science Education, that provided the blueprint for the NGSS.

Welcoming It's About Time to Activate Learning

Activate Learning, a leader in K-8 science curriculum aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), announces today it has acquired IT’S ABOUT TIME, a global leader in research-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curricula for K-12 and college students.

Science is for ALL Students

One of the first things I did when I started working with Activate Learning was to visit a classroom that was known for using IQWST with fidelity, so I could get a feel for how very different this curriculum was from everything else out there.

Activate Learning Named SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Science Instructional Solution

Activate Learning, Leaders in K-8 NGSS-Aligned Science Curriculum, today announced that IQWST Interactive Digital Edition was named a 2017 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in the Best Science Instructional Solution category. Finalists represent applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services and related technologies across the PreK-20 sector.

A Collaborative Effort: Kinnelon New Jersey Science Teachers Share Their Experience with IQWST

Activate Learning: In what ways has using IQWST affected your classroom culture?

Valerie Comprelli (6th Grade): I feel more connected to my students with the amount of questioning between student to student and teacher to student. It has helped explain so much of the science kids see in their everyday life. It has caused them to question things they never questioned before. It has been such an amazing experience as an educator to see kids "light up" the way they have.

IL Teacher Says IQWST Helps Students “Think Better”

This month’s interview features Brian Klaft @BKd204Sci, an 8th grade science teacher at Francis Granger Middle School in Aurora, IL. We asked Brian what changes he has observed in his classroom since using IQWST, and here is what he had to say.

Oregon Students Ask and Answer Their Own Questions with IQWST

This month’s interview features Sarah Langton, a 6th grade science education leader at Raleigh Hills K-8 in Portland, OR. We asked Sarah what changes she has observed while using IQWST in her classroom, and here is what she told us.

Activate Learning Partners with Measured Progress to Deliver NGSS-Aligned Assessments for IQWST

New partnership supports school districts in their transition to Next Generation Science Standards*

Why CER Scares Me a Little

Educators sometimes find the newest classroom strategy touted in our field laughable, because we know that what is “in” today, will eventually be replaced by new language, a new strategy, or an innovation that we will be told to incorporate into our teaching. Some people think of it as a pendulum - what’s “in” today is not in a year, or three, or five, as the pendulum swings in the other direction. The analogy does not always hold up, but all long-time educators have experienced that coming-and-going. Remember when we were required to write an anticipatory set in every lesson plan—and to call it by that name? Remember when KWL was the answer to learning—across disciplines? Remember when the school committed to Sustained Silent Reading, and then remember, at some point, when “the thing” ceased being the thing it once was?

KY Science Teacher Describes How IQWST Helps Students Apply Claim Evidence Reasoning

This month’s interview features Christie King, a 6th grade science teacher at Leestown Middle School in Lexington, KY. We asked Christie what changes she has observed in her classroom since she started using IQWST, and here is what she told us.