Celebrating STEM Educators: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Science Teachers! 🎁

Celebrating STEM Educators: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Science Teachers! 🎁

gifts for science teachers

Gift Ideas for Science Teachers That They'll Love!

As 2023 winds down, it’s time to reflect on the incredible impact of STEM educators on shaping our young learners' minds and futures. STEM teachers have earned some holiday celebrations after a year of fostering curiosity, inspiring innovation, and nurturing our future changemakers! 🚀

In the spirit of joy and gratitude, the Activate Learning team has curated a list of 10 awesome gift ideas for science teachers that your favorite STEM educator, homeschool parent, or science-loving friend will love finding under the tree or inside their stocking. Whether they're experimenting in the lab, coding in the classroom, or exploring the wonders of the natural world with their students, these gifts will undoubtedly bring a smile to their faces and spark their STEM passion.

So, jump into our handpicked selection of gift ideas for science teachers and find the perfect way to say "Thank you" to the educators who inspire us all year round!

1. Udemy Course: "Artificial Intelligence for Educators": This comprehensive Udemy course offers an unbiased exploration of Artificial Intelligence, including an understanding of ChatGPT. It guides participants through the essentials of AI, how it works, and its potential role in education. The course also covers creating effective prompts for ChatGPT, addressing current teaching challenges with AI solutions and concludes with a certificate of completion. It's an insightful gift for educators looking to make informed decisions about integrating AI into their teaching methods. ($49)  [more info]

Gift ideas for science teachers - science notebook

[IMAGE: Early Computers Hardcover Notebook]


2. Cognitive Surplus Scientific Notebooks: For the environmentally conscious STEM educator, Cognitive Surplus offers a fun array of sustainable scientific notebooks. With a wide range of designs covering various science disciplines, these notebooks come in multiple sizes and both hard and soft covers. Each not only serves as a practical tool for jotting down scientific observations and ideas but also celebrates the world of science in style. These notebooks are an ideal, affordable gift for any STEM educator who appreciates sustainability and the beauty of science. A few of our favorite picks include Equations that Changed the World, Brain Neuroscience Lab Notebook, Earth Science Pocket Notebook, Geology Softcover, Electricity and Magnetism, Space Science Pocket Notebook, Software Engineering, Chemistry Models Hardcover, Brain Neuroscience, Marine Biology Pocket Notebook. ($14.99 - $34.95)  [more info]


3. Curiosity Stream Subscription: Curiosity Stream, created by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, is a streaming service dedicated to documentaries and shows about history, science, technology, and nature. Ideal for educators with a thirst for knowledge, this platform offers thousands of programs, including insightful lectures from One Day University’s leading professors. A gift card for Curiosity Stream is a wonderful way to indulge the interests of armchair astronauts, aspiring physicists, and budding paleontologists, all accessible on any device.  ($29.99)   [more info]Gift ideas for science teachers - STEM stamps


4. Science Goals Stamps by Teachit Co.: Add fun to the classroom with Teachit Co.'s Science Goals Stamps, which are perfect for acknowledging student achievements in STEM. This set includes three unique, pre-inked stamps, each designed to celebrate different aspects of scientific learning: a robot for "STEMsational work," a flask for "Science Rocks!" and cogs for "Great display of cognitive thinking." These durable stamps can make up to 10,000 impressions and are refillable, ensuring long-term use. Teachers can personalize the set with their names and choose their preferred ink color. These stamps are a fun and practical gift for teachers, making marking more enjoyable and efficient. ($59.40 for the set)   [more info]


5. Personalized Embroidered Lab Coat – It doesn’t get better than gifting a science teacher a personalized, embroidered lab coat! Available in various sizes and colors, these lab coats offer the option to add up to three lines of personalized text embroidered above the left chest. The customization process is user-friendly, allowing the choice of different fonts and print colors to make each lab coat unique. Available $27.98, this gift is not only thoughtful but also gender-inclusive, making it a perfect choice for both women and men in the STEM field. This practical gift is a great way to show appreciation for awesome science teachers’. ($27.98) [MEN]  [WOMEN]

Gift ideas for science teachers - women in science book


6. "Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World" (Hardcover) - Celebrate the groundbreaking contributions of women in STEM with this New York Times bestseller, priced at $11.69. "Women in Science" is not only an educational read but also a visually appealing one, featuring 50 illustrated portraits of pioneering women like Jane Goodall and Katherine Johnson. The book is rich with infographics on various STEM topics, including a scientific glossary and statistics on women in STEM fields. It's an inspiring collection that highlights the achievements of women who have paved the way in engineering, biology, mathematics, and more, making it a perfect gift to empower and educate the next generation of female scientists and innovators.  ($11.69)   [more info]


7. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game: Cytosis is a unique and engaging board game that offers both fun and education, focusing on the intricacies of cell biology. Suitable for educators, students, and anyone interested in science, it's a worker placement game set inside a human cell. Players strategically place flasks on different organelles to collect resources, build enzymes, hormones, and receptors, and detoxify the cell. This game is an excellent tool for classroom learning, helping students interactively understand cell biology concepts like organelles, enzymes, and hormones. Additionally, each game has a fact-based booklet, reviewed by over 20 PhDs and doctors, ensuring scientific accuracy. This makes Cytosis a source of entertainment and a valuable educational resource for science classes, family game nights, or anyone passionate about biology.  ($44.99)   [more info]


8. “Scientists Enter Here” Classroom Decal - An excellent gift for science teachers that will transform their classroom into a welcoming hub of scientific exploration for students! This “Scientists Enter Here” vinyl decal is ideal for doors, whiteboards, chalkboards, or walls. The high-quality,  matte finish decal is designed to appear as if it’s painted on. It’s also easy to apply and remove, allowing for hassle-free updates to classroom decor. Available in various colors and sizes, this decal is a perfect way to personalize and energize any science teacher’s classroom!  ($28.00)   [more info]


9. Science Teacher Tee Shirts by CustomTeeBar on Etsy- Everyone loves tee shirts. Consider the Science Teacher Tee Shirts from CustomTeeBar on Etsy for a casual and fun gift. These tees, available in various colors, feature clever designs that celebrate the world of science. Options include shirts with a Teacher Periodic Table, Chemistry Teacher themes, and even specific elements like Tellurium, creatively integrated into the design. These shirts are comfortable and stylish and a great way for educators to showcase their love for science outside the classroom.  ($17.99)  [more info]

Gift ideas for science teachers - periodic table t-shirts


10. Amazon.com Gift Card in a Yellow Swirl Box. When in doubt or short on time, an Amazon Gift Card is a foolproof and versatile gift choice for any STEM educator. Amazon's convenience and broad selection make it an ideal gift, especially since many teachers maintain public wish lists for classroom supplies. An Amazon Gift Card allows teachers to choose precisely what they want or need from various items across Amazon. It a simple, thoughtful gift presented in an attractive yellow swirl gift box. Whether for classroom resources, personal interests, or something in between, this gift card is a practical and appreciated way to show gratitude to dedicated STEM teachers. ($25)   [more info]

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