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Introducing the Activate Learning Kit Companion™

Designed to help Middle School teachers save time and easily find everything in their shipment!

Getting to the Kit Companion is simple - just scan the QR code on a box label using the camera app on your smartphone.

Teachers will be taken straight to the kit companion interface for materials.

The Kit Companion will:
  • Show teachers everything that’s included in each box of a kit.
  • Provide how-to assembly videos to set up materials.
  • Enable you to drill down into lesson bags to see lesson-specific materials.
  • Help you easily access important Safety Data Sheets for chemicals and other materials instantly.
  • Display materials charts, videos, handouts, or other documents related to units and lessons.
  • Access the Activate Learning Support site for additional help or more information.

The Kit Companion is a unique, one-stop-shop for understanding your Activate Learning IQWST and OpenSciEd science kits.

To learn more go to or try it out right now by scanning the code to your right with your smartphone.

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Science Kits and Equipment

Materials are an essential element to investigation-centered learning and we have science kits to support every unit in our K-12 program lineup. Activate Learning can also provide these materials as Student Kits to support remote learning.

All the materials needed for K-8 investigations are provided and bagged by lesson for teacher convenience.

For information and options to procure additional materials and equipment, please contact your Activate Learning Sales Manager or call 1-888-698-8463 to speak with a customer service representative.