Kit Companion™ by Activate Learning

If you haven't experienced teaching science with investigation kits before, it can be challenging.  Kit Companion is the missing link, filling a crucial gap in educational information for science teachers. Tailored specifically for educators, Kit Companion serves as a comprehensive guide, revolutionizing the way you access educational information. No more endless searches for resources; instead, immerse yourself seamlessly with our user-friendly interface.

  • Information about the educational resources needed for each daily science lesson.
  • Teacher tips written by educators about how to succeed with the curriculum and materials.
  • Educational information, including videos, about how to successfully teach science using investigations
  • Information about how to keep the lesson safe, including Safety Data Sheets
  • Educational charts, curriculum content videos, handouts and other docs
  • A link to Activate Learning Support Team to help you implement every step of the way

Kit Companion also works with your smartphone!

Now embedded seamlessly with IQWST and OpenSciEd Middle School kits, Kit Companion™ provides educators with crucial resources and information.

Scan the QR code on your kit label or on the right to try it out. 

Watch our informative video to learn more. 

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