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Experience Science With Project-Based Learning

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This 9-12 review site provides a convenient and high level introduction into our program lineup and corresponding resources.




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Why Activate?

Our program creates an amazing experience for EVERY student. Unlike traditional textbooks, students experience phenomena first in lab explorations and extend their knowledge to culminating chapter challenge projects! Every activity and lesson serves a purpose of enabling students to take charge of their learning and connect their prior knowledge and create a depth of knowledge when they present their project at the end of each chapter. Teacher's love our programs because of the learning experience it gives all students.

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Thank you for your time

Thank you for taking the time to review our 9-12 project-based science programs. Please contact me if you need any help with your guest access codes.

- Doug Slatten, High School Manger



Program Support

Teacher Support Team

All of our programs are supported by experienced support and implementation staff for a successful launch, ongoing support, coaching, and iterative training based off your sites needs.

Let's Build An Amazing Experience

I was a previous middle school and high school teacher and have helped hundreds of schools with implementations of our programs. Contact me if you have any questions how we can make your implementation just right for your team and students.

- Dan, Adoption & Implementation Manager

Activate Learning Everywhere

All programs are available in digital and print. Our Digital Editions integrate with LMS systems, to include:  Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Canvas and Classlink.

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Our programs are used all across the country, we hope to Activate Learning with over 2 million students by the end of 2021.