Investigation-Centered Science Curriculum

Helping you implement investigation-centered science curriculum in your classroom every step of the way.

Science Curriculum
Should be energizing for you & your students but the demands of the job can get in the way.

Teaching is a rewarding profession— but certainly not easy. We understand that many teachers:

  • Struggle to meet all of their students’ needs at once.

  • Feel immense pressure to meet state standards.

  • Find it challenging to create program relatability for every student.

  • Have way too much to do on any given day.

When schools make the shift to a new STEM curriculum it can feel overwhelming for many educators.

Especially if you:

  • Are new to teaching 3-dimensional science.

  • Are worried you will lose your autonomy.

  • Feel comfortable with what you are already doing.

  • Don’t get the implementation support you need.

Curriculum implementation is a monumental task, overlaying the high-stakes of meeting state standards and increasing test scores. It’s a lot.

We Give Educators Time And Confidence
To effectively implement NGSS aligned programs that energize their students.

Our end-to-end implementation support helps you:

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    Inspire investigative learning and critical thinking.

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    Offer a meaningful curriculum where all students can relate.

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    Get students talking and collaborating.

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    Provide hands-on learning modules.

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    Build curriculum coherence.

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    Meet state standards and improve test scores.

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    Boost student equity and inclusion.

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    Teach students not just what to think, but how to think.

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    Reach all students at their level with supports like text to speech.

Where teachers get:

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    An easy to use digital platform.

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    Books & kits.

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    Professional learning.

Enjoy a coherent curriculum that preserves autonomy and provides resources to bolster student achievement.

Activate Learning’s
Award-Winning K-12 Programs Include

We’re Your Go-To Support Team
For Curriculum Success

Activate Learning stays connected with your school district for each phase of the curriculum changeover and for the duration of your program adoption.

We’ve helped thousands of teachers around the globe thrive through the shift to a new curriculum including 3-dimensional science programming, and we can help you thrive too.

Our team includes former teachers and administrators so we know the roads —and we’re here to help drive your success.


Experience the ease of our digital platform with access to more tools that take less time to manage.

Your Road to Great Science Starts Here.
Here’s How it Works:

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Talk to a Sales Consultant.

Book a call with your district sales rep to begin exploring our high-quality programs for K-12 science education.

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Take a Program Tour.

Preview the curriculum with a free digital demo to dig into lessons and resources for your students.

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Implement with Ease.

Kickoff your new science curriculum and get hours of time back as you enjoy an easy to use digital platform with full implementation support.

The Tools And Support
To steer all of your students to success.

With Activate Learning you will:

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    Start inspiring investigative learning.

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    Start building curriculum coherence.

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    Start meeting state standards.

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    Start increasing test scores.

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    Start boosting equity and inclusion.

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    Start getting hours back in your day.

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    Stop spending too much time manually adapting programming.

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    Stop scrambling for the right lesson plans.

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    Stop being pulled in many directions by students at different levels.

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    Stop wasting money with a curriculum that sits on the shelf.

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    Stop the cycle of frustration.

Kind Words from Administrators & Teachers.

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We have recently implemented OpenSciEd Middle School Units in all of our middle school classrooms.  This past summer, as the Science Instructional Coach in Colonial, I worked alongside the Activate Professional Learning Group to implement professional learning for the units in our district and state.  In addition, I worked with many of the facilitators from Activate to provide professional learning opportunities in our district for our teachers. 

We are so thankful for the work and efforts of the Activate Professional Learning Facilitators.  I love how this group of Activate facilitators along with Tracy, the lead of the Activate PL Group, created personalized learning opportunities for the instructional coaches and teachers in this state, and specifically for our district! The Activate group is friendly, personable, understands the workload and stresses of teachers, and adapts the professional learning to our needs. Thank you Activate for helping us along with our successful implementation of OpenSciEd Curriculum!  

Kimberly Mulvena, Science Instructional Coach

Colonial School District

My students are more responsible for their own learning. This curriculum changes my teaching style from teaching students content to teaching students how to think.

Ms. Szelc

Barnegat Township School District

I can't say enough about how wonderful the teacher's professional learning was over the last three days! We chose the right teachers to help with the facilitation, and Activate Learning chose the right facilitators to help mentor the teachers and co-present. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was like all the stars lined up. I loved hearing how much the teachers loved being in the training. Most of them were not getting paid to attend the training, and they were saying the teachers that didn't come to the training are not going to be able to teach this in the fall. This group of teachers are going to be the teachers that rally for professional learning and this program.

Tonyea Mead, Education Associate, Science

Delaware Dept of Education

Using OpenSciEd will mean that my students will have an authentic learning experience. The hands-on, inquiry-driven learning will deepen their knowledge and strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Ms. Polhemus

Barnegat Township School District

Activate Learning was able to recommend a customized OpenSciEd/ IQWST implementation. Both curricula share the same pedagogy and even some of the same authors, providing a seamless experience to teachers and students through Activate Learning's Interactive Digital Platform. 

Activate Learning is a great support system for me, for the district, for the teachers, and for the kids. It's a one-stop-shop for everything the we need to support our science program and science instruction in our district. 

Erin Babin, Ed.D., Curriculum Specialist

Ascension Parish Schools, Louisiana

Activate Learning supports NGSS and 3-dimensional learning by incorporating crosscutting concepts and science and engineering practices into the disciplinary core ideas through hands-on activities that promote inquiry.

Alexandra Walocha, Middle School Science Teacher

Freeport School District, IL

Students really understand what they learn, and they remember it and can connect it to other concepts in the future. Teaching 7th they remember more from 6th, and teaching 8th, the connections to 6th and 7th are huge.

IQWST Teacher

Chippewa Valley Schools, MI

If I compare the way I teach when I began teaching, which as the traditional way, I get the attention of my students more now. In terms of skills that they need for the 21st century, this is the best program to get our students to where we want them to be. 

Myrna Estrada, Active Chemistry Teacher

King Drew Magnet School,

Chemistry is very challenging for many of our students because it is very abstract. Active Chemistry provided labs and hands-on activities first, then proceeded to the readings, which allowed students to make more sense of what they were learning.

It's all about collaboration and I now get the attention of my students more than ever before. This is the best program.

Active Chemistry Teacher

King Drew Magnet School,

The first thing I noticed was the smiles on students' faces, they were very interested in coming to school and to Physics class. We want kids exploring Project-Based Learning, we want kids getting involved in the application of 21st century skills, and this curriculum gave us easy access to this.

Dan Riley, Asst. Principal

Marlborough STEM Academy

Active Physics was clearly different, and that's what we were hoping to have - something that had that project-based approach to it. Hands on investigations where the kids are in control of what they're doing. There's guidance so they don't go off track too much but they're able to have that flexibility and freedom to go through their own individual activity, as opposed to sitting at a desk, less engaged, just writing the notes. They're up doing the things and making the connections themselves as they go. Students are starting to ask their own questions, "What if we did this"?!

Scott Brown

STEM 9th Grade Physics Teacher

That's the difference - the focus is on the learning, not just the activity. You are learning as scientists do, you are already practicing those same hypothesis skills, you are already designing your own laboratory experiments. You want kids to be excited about having freedom to design and engage in a teamwork situation. Students learn what is applicable to the real world through Active Physics. 

Cathy Sankey, Principal

Dublin Jerome High School

I think we showed everybody and we proved that you can have fun and learn, and that they go hand in hand. I absolutely recommend Engineering the Future. I think every school should have it, whether it's a traditional high school or a vocational high school. It includes everybody who can hold a tool in their hand, or draw something, or come up with an idea. All students can be successful with this program. I can't imagine not teaching it and going back to the old way. 

David Roberts, STEM Teacher

Westfield Vocational Technical High School

I always had this goal of sharing my passion for STEM with other young girls. That's when I got hooked on Engineering the Future. I was looking for something at an introductory level that was going to have real life stories, that was going to show the students what engineering can do to help them make a difference in the world. 

Janet Mambrino, STEM Teacher

Xavier College Preparatory, Phoenix, AZ

Teaching investigation-centered science is a win/win.

With Activate Learning, teaching science becomes more energizing while students experience better learning retention, achieve higher performance and become more curious humans.

  • Teachers get the support they deserve.

  • Teachers save time.

  • Teachers experience professional autonomy.

  • Teachers build curriculum confidence.

  • Students master the understanding of scientific concepts.

  • Students investigate, collaborate and communicate!

  • Students communicate scientifically!

  • Students figure out —rather than learn about —science.

See why teachers love teaching and students love learning with Activate Learning.

So Teaching All Students In
STEM becomes Easier and More Effective.

Activate Learning provides a meaningful, consequential and relevant curriculum that includes:

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    Free resources

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    Robust and highly-engaging lesson plans

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    Adaptable science programs

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    Hands-on learning modules

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    Remote school day lesson plans

With extra support for educators like:

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    Organized lesson bagging of kit materials for teacher convenience

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    Easy QR scanning for Safety Data Sheets, materials charts, videos, and handouts

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    Interactive digital tools

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    Workshops and learning modules

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    1:1 support

So, what does Implementation Support look like?
We’re glad you asked.
Keep the questions coming!

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    Direct 1:1 phone, email & chat support.

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    Intensive curriculum launch support.

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    Detailed support videos.

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    Interactive digital sessions.

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    Professional learning resources.

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    Live workshops.

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    Train the trainer programming.

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    Community of Practice (CoP) for your District.

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    Personalized help. We mean it. Call us with any questions!

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