Aligned with Your Standards, Built on Research

Our programs (digital and print) make your science and mathematics standards come alive. Our authors are top-tier researchers and brilliant educators whose work is supported by the National Science Foundation and other esteemed institutions.

Doing Science and Math,
Every Day

Students engage in authentic projects where they act as scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. They work with their hands, model with technology, deliberate with their peers, and record their thinking in multiple formats.

Active Support for the
Art of Teaching

We give teachers the support they need to engage students with phenomena, facilitate productive discourse, and differentiate instruction. Our programs embed just-in-time professional learning materials, developed by fellow educators, in every lesson.

Activate Learning PRIME® – Elementary School Science

Flexibility to meet ALL State Standards

IQWST® – Middle School Science

Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology


IQWST® Integrated

IQWST® California

High School Science

Formerly It’s About Time®

Active Physics® 


Active Chemistry®

High School Mathematics

The Interactive Mathematics Program®


Interactive Mathematics Program
High School, Integrated

Meaningful Math®

Interactive Mathematics Program
High School, Traditional Sequence

Other STEM Curricula

Engineering the Future®

High School Engineering and Technology

NextGen PET

Teacher Pre-Service in Science: Physics and Everyday Thinking


Middle School Science


Middle School Science

Professional Development (K-12)

Professional Learning Menu

Activate Learning offers professional development support based on goals for teacher learning.