Grade K: Pushes and Pulls

Throughout the Pushes and Pulls topic, children participate in activities where they discover that changes in motion are caused by pushes or pulls. The children:

  • Figure out different ways to make a toy car start moving and a ball change direction.
  • Compare the effects of big and small pushes and pulls on the motion of objects.
  • Experiment with collisions, noting that when one object hits another, the motion of both objects may change. 
  • Play games where they use pushes and pulls with different strengths and directions to make balls or other


Grade K: Plants and Animals

The Plants and Animals topic encourages children to look at the living things around them in new ways while they:

  • Create books about animals that interest them. The books will show that animals get the things they need from the places where they live, and that animals can change their environments.
  • Discover what plants need, and how plants get what they need in the places where they live.
  • Consider how people meet their needs and how they use resources from their environment.


Grade K: Tracking the Weather

The Tracking the Weather topic encourages children to build on their natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world while they: 

  • Make drawings of weather scenes, themselves wearing indoor and outdoor clothing, clouds and precipitation, and wind. 
  • Record daily weather conditions and look for patterns in the weather data during each season and over the entire year. 
  • Create seasonal Weather Books that contain a variety of their drawings. 
  • Explore severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes, and learn how to prepare for them to stay safe.