IQWST IDE Now Supports PocketLab Sensors

Wireless measurement that brings science investigations to life!

PocketLab is a unique data visualization tool that engages students by allowing them to gather sensor data in a visible, dynamic way. When using PocketLab devices for measurements, teacher and students will see data change in real time, and will be able to analyze their data in automatically generated graphs. PocketLab perfectly complements the IQWST 6-8 science curriculum by giving students a way to experience phenomena that aren’t otherwise visible. They can see the data in realtime and then interpret graphical data within the IQWST interactive digital platform.

IQWST + PocketLab

Take real science measurements without skipping a beat! PocketLab measurement windows are embedded directly into the IQWST digital curriculum to make taking data simple and easy.

annotated data graph

Real data. Real science.

PocketLab devices are fitted with a variety of sensors that measure and graph data in real time. PocketLab devices can measure temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure and more. Students will be able to save their data graphs directly into their science notebooks for referencing later.

Air pocketlab air device Weather pocketlab weather device Thermo pocketlab thermo device

See how it works.

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