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Middle School students in science class with Activate Learning curriculumImplementing new curriculum can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned teacher, but it doesn't have to be!

Activate Learning supports end-to-end, complete OpenSciEd implementation, saving you time and money. Whether you need unit materials delivered quickly, a digital platform that supports all OpenSciEd units, or professional learning, our full-service, all-in-one solution has you covered every step of the way.

Speak to an Activate Learning Representative today about our OpenSciEd all-in-one solution and full-service implementation support.

OpenSciEd and Activate Learning share the same "pedagogical-DNA", having both been research based, investigation centered, and designed using the same NGSS standards and principals.

Activate Learning takes great pride in offering the most comprehensive version of OpenSciEd available on the market today. Our team is dedicated to staying true to the original curriculum and keeping current with ongoing updates to our digital version.

The Activate Learning Digital Platform enables teachers to easily navigate through their course material while providing engaging activities for their students as they learn.

The Activate Learning version of OpenSciEd Middle School science is available in interactive digital and full-color print formats.

Activate Learning Digital Platform

With the Activate Learning Digital Platform (ALDP) students will benefit from an interactive, engaging online experience when using the OpenSciEd curriculum. Students can record their observations and reasoning, and receive feedback from teachers.
Students benefit from modeling supports like drawing tools and stamps, as well as writing supports with sentence starters and reading supports through recorded audio, highlighting, and annotations. The platform is designed for accessibility and inclusion and offers embedded translation for 130+ languages, text-to-speech with read-along highlighting, and sentence starters to support writing.
Featuring an intuitive user experience, teachers have everything they need to Plan, Teach, Assign, and Assess lessons in a platform that is integrated with leading SIS rostering and Learning Management Systems.

Access for Teachers:

  • Plan standards-based instruction
  • Prepare for every lesson with teacher tools and resources
  • Quickly view slides, handouts, student edition, and materials
  • Customize existing content or create new content
  • Teach lessons that effectively differentiate for ALL students
  • Create and share assessments
  • Easily review and provide feedback on student work
  • Assess student progress

Access for Students:

  • Apply their learning authentically
  • Engage like scientists by recording their learning
  • Receive and respond to teacher feedback in real-time
  • Represent their ideas as models
  • Annotate and highlight text
  • Respond to questions using sentence starters and read-aloud feature
  • Review and revise assignments when requested by the teacher
  • Demonstrate their understanding through assessment
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Experience the OpenSciEd Interactive Digital Edition

Take a quick tour of the OpenSciEd curriculum on the Activate Learning Digital Platform in this 4-minute video.

OpenSciEd Middle School Science Units

Below is an example unit sequence based on NGSS guidelines, however, all units can be adapted to fit your state's unique sequence. Contact us to learn more about aligning the OpenSciEd curriculum to your state standards.

Certified OpenSciEd Print Books and Science Kits

Activate Learning offers full-color print teacher and student editions of the OpenSciEd Middle School science curriculum.

Science equipment and materials are an essential element to investigation-centered learning and Activate Learning offers science kits to support every OpenSciEd unit for Middle School.

Materials are grouped by lesson so teachers can easily locate materials.

Activate Learning Kit Companion helps teachers save time and easily find everything in their shipment.

Digital Teacher Edition one-year access is included with purchase!

OSE Badges together
OSE Light and Matter Lesson Materials
The Kit Companion will:
  • Show teachers everything that’s included in each box of a kit.
  • Provide how-to assembly videos to set up materials.
  • Enable you to drill down into lesson bags to see lesson-specific materials.
  • Help you easily access important Safety Data Sheets for chemicals and other materials instantly.
  • Display materials charts, videos, handouts, or other documents related to units and lessons.
  • Access the Activate Learning Support site for additional help or more information.

The Kit Companion is a unique, one-stop-shop for understanding your Activate Learning and OpenSciEd science kits.

Getting to the Kit Companion is simple - just scan the QR code on a box label using the camera app on your smartphone. Teachers will be taken straight to the kit companion interface for materials.

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Certified Professional Learning

Activate Learning curriculum experts provide extensive OpenSciEd product implementation support and certified professional learning on the latest, most innovative strategies and techniques to engage students.

Our professional learning opportunities are structured around the following categories to support the goals for teacher and student learning. Teachers will come away with the following skills to be successful at:

  • Planning standards-based instruction
  • Teaching lessons that effectively differentiate for ALL students
  • Assigning and monitor student work
  • Assessing student progress
  • Prepared for every lesson with teacher tools and resources
  • Equipped to make thoughtful lesson assignments
  • Able to easily and efficiently review and provide feedback on student work
  • Able to create and share assessments
The professional learning sessions include educative elements embedded within the curriculum and created to guide the development of a set of OpenSciEd resources that offer a coherent and ongoing system of support.
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Activate Learning Partners with OpenSciEd

“OpenSciEd is pleased to partner with a leading STEM publisher like Activate Learning” said James Ryan, Executive Director of OpenSciEd. “Activate’s experience in digital and materials fulfillment will provide students and teachers with an excellent learning experience.”

“Activate Learning is excited to partner with OpenSciEd,” says Eric Johnson, CEO of Activate Learning. “Our interactive digital edition provides students and teachers with exactly what they need to succeed with OpenSciEd. When combined with our successful history of science kit fulfillment, we believe districts can be confident in adopting OpenSciEd when backed by a leading STEM publisher like Activate Learning.” 


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