OpenSciEd Units

Light & Matter: Why do we sometimes see different things when looking at the same object?

Thermal Energy: How can containers keep stuff from warming up or cooling down?

Weather, Climate & Water Cycling: Why does a lot of hail, rain, or snowfall at some times and not others?

Rock Cycling & Plate Tectonics: How and why does Earth's surface change?

Natural Hazards: Where do natural hazards happen and how do we prepare for them?

Cells & Systems: How do living things heal?

Chemical Reactions & Matter: How can we make something new that was not there before?

Chemical Reactions & Energy: How can we use chemical reactions to design a solution to a problem?

Metabolic Reactions: How do things inside our bodies work together to make us feel the way we do?

Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis: Where does food come from and where does it go next?

Ecosystem Dynamics: How does changing an ecosystem affect what lives there?

Resources & Human Impact: How do changes in the Earth's system impact our communities and what can we do about it?

Contact Forces: Why do things sometimes get damaged when they hit each other?

Sound Waves: How can a sound make something move?

Forces at a Distance: How can a magnet move another object without touching it

Earth in Space: Why do we see patterns in the sky, and what else is out there that we can't see?

Genetics: Why are living things different from one another?

Selection and Common Ancestry: How could living things today be connected to the things that lived long ago?

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The First Interactive Digital Edition of OpenSciEd

With the Activate Learning Digital Platform (ALDP) students will benefit from an interactive, engaging online experience when using the OpenSciEd curriculum. Students can record their observations and reasoning, and receive feedback from teachers. Students benefit from modeling supports like drawing tools and stamps, as well as writing supports with sentence starters and reading supports through recorded audio, highlighting, and annotations. Featuring an all-new user experience, teachers have everything they need to Plan, Teach, Assign, and Assess lessons in a platform that is integrated with leading Learning Management Systems.

ALDP Provides Access for Teachers:

Teachers can...

  • Plan standards-based instruction
  • Teach lessons that effectively differentiate for ALL students
  • Assign and monitor student work
  • Assess student progress

Teachers are...

  • Prepared for every lesson with teacher tools and resources
  • Equipped to make thoughtful lesson assignments
  • Able to easily and efficiently review and provide feedback on student work
  • Able to create and share assessments

ALDP Provides Access for Students:

Students can...

  • Apply their learning authentically
  • Engage like scientists by recording their learning
  • Receive and respond to teacher feedback in real-time
  • Monitor their progress

Students are...

  • Able to represent their ideas as models, and annotate and highlight text
  • Equipped to respond to questions using sentence starters and read-aloud feature
  • Able to review and revise when requested by the teacher
  • Provided the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding through assessment
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OpenSciEd Print

Activate Learning offers full-color print teacher and student editions.

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OpenSciEd Science Kits

All the materials & equipment needed for investigations are provided for teacher convenience. Materials are an essential element to investigation-centered learning and we have science kits to support every OpenSciEd unit for middle school. For information and options to procure Science Kits, please complete the Product Request Form below or call 646-502-5231.

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