Grades 9-12 Review Guide


Doug, 9-12 Manager

Hi Oklahoma City Teachers,

Here's a page we put together for your review of Activate's 9-12 programs. If you have questions or need clarification on anything, please reach out to me. Thanks for reviewing our programs!



Grades 9-12 Project-Based Programs

Active Physics
Active Physical Science
Active Chemistry
Earth System Science in the Community (EarthCOMM)
Investigating Astronomy
Environmental Science & Biocomplexity 
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New Updates Coming 2021

Ease of Use - Our New Digital Platform User Experience

In 2021 we're launching our brand-new user interface for our Activate Learning Digital Platform to give teachers an even better teaching experience with our programs. Activate learning programs are easier to use than ever with teachers utilizing our new workflow of:

  • Plan
  • Teach
  • Assign
  • Assess
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For adoptions in 2021, schools will be able to use PocketLabs devices with our high school programs.


  • Are easy and intuitive to pick up and start using
  • Allow student to record and analyze data in real-time
  • Enable an overlay of data and video automatically (iOS only)

If you already have Pasco or Vernier devices you can use those too!


We have added simulations from the following:

  • STEM Sims
  • PHET Simulations
  • Duffy Physics Simulations
  • Chem Collective Simulations & Virtual Labs
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Remote Learning Lesson Plans

The Remote Learning Lesson Plans (RLLPs) are adapted from the Teacher Editions to support continuous learning everywhere. The RLLPs condense what is taught in each activity with specific teaching recommendations, and the plans identify the digital resources, print resources, and materials needed to teach and learn outside of the classroom.

Helpful Videos

High School Experience 

Canvas Integration Video

Grades 9-12

To review Chemistry, Physics, EarthCOMM, and Physical Science watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide. This guide covers:

  • Program Navigation
  • Unit Design
  • Lesson Design
  • Differentiation Support
  • Implementation Support

To review Environmental Science & Biocomplexity watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide. This guide covers:

  • Program Design
  • The Student Experience
  • Teacher Supports


PD - we'll work with you to create the perfect PD strategy for yearly teacher training & ongoing support.

Office Hours - schedule curriculum support any time during school hours.

Customer  Support - you'll have access to our amazing customer support staff with the fastest response times in the industry.

Materials - all lesson materials come in baggies, making it easy to prep for hands-on learning.

Special Requests

Still Looking For Something? 

If there's something you need to make our programs right for you, let us know and we'll scope out what we can do to help.

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