Tom Laster

Tom Laster is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of IT’S ABOUT TIME®, dedicated STEM education proponent, and entrepreneur.

Laster launched IT’S ABOUT TIME® in 1996 with Laurie Kreindler, who serves as fellow Managing Partner and Co-Founder. Since then, he has helped transform the pioneering education publishing firm from an emerging STEM curricula startup to a leading global provider of cutting-edge, research-based programs for STEM learning.

At a time when the need for engaging, dynamic STEM experiences is greater than ever, Laster has been an unwavering advocate for empowering students to meet 21st century demands. At IT’S ABOUT TIME®, he works closely with educators, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to enriching students’ lives and opportunities through education. He draws upon over two decades of experience in publishing and dissemination of National Science Foundation-supported educational resources.

Prior to IT’S ABOUT TIME®, Laster co-founded a not-for-profit STEM education firm, The Learning Team, with Kreindler in 1988. Recognizing the ample opportunities for innovation and leadership that exist today, he actively encourages today’s generation of students to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Passion is key, and Laster reinforces that there are no limits for individuals who are unafraid to dream big, listen, learn, and keep moving forward.

Laster graduated in 1977 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. He and Kreindler live in Bedford, N.Y., and they have two wonderful children.