What is Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™?

The Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™ curriculum provided by Activate Learning includes project-based physics, chemistry, and Earth science chapters to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science Standards (TEKS) for all students. The program includes print and digital curriculum materials, science kits for hands-on investigations, and professional learning for educators.

Project-Based Inquiry Approach

Texas IPC Book Cover

  • Students conduct laboratory and field investigations and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem-solving. 
  • Students engage in scientific practices; they are able to ask questions, plan and conduct investigations to answer questions, and explain phenomena using appropriate tools and models.
  • Students engage in engineering practices; they are able to identify problems and design solutions using appropriate tools and models.
  • This course integrates the disciplines of physics and chemistry in the following topics: force, motion, energy, matter, and the Earth science topic of Earth’s natural resources. 
  • Each chapter is anchored in an interesting and meaningful Chapter Challenge for students to solve by the end of the chapter.

Students Learn Like Scientists and Engineers

  • Students ask questions, identify problems, plan and safely conduct classroom, laboratory, and field investigations to answer questions, explain phenomena, or design solutions using appropriate tools and models. 
  • Students develop important 21st-century skills as they work collaboratively in groups and engage in scientific discourse.
  • Students engage in the Engineering Design Cycle as they iteratively work towards completing the Chapter Challenge.
  • The program is based on cognitive science research encapsulated in the 7E Instructional Model.

Total Support for Teachers

  • Student Edition and a comprehensive Teacher’s Edition are available in print and digital formats.
  • Our Learning Community provides teachers with resources to prepare lessons as well as share and compare with other teachers in an online community.
  • Online resources include daily lesson plans, pre-quizzes, student misconceptions, differentiation strategies, as well as support videos.
  • Professional Learning and implementation support are available from our expert team of educators.  

Research-Based Design

Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™ fosters scientifically literate students who will be prepared for the workforce, able to make informed decisions, and contribute as productive citizens in the 21st century.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry is research-based.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry was supported through National Science Foundation funding and consequently produced through rigorous, iterative, research-based development cycles.  It is based on the latest research from the cognitive science on how students learn.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry students develop communication and collaboration skills.

In Integrated Physics and Chemistry, students develop a community of practice and a culture of collaboration and communication.  The presentations of the Chapter Challenge provide students with opportunities to engage in scientific arguments using evidence and scientific knowledge and promote a deeper understanding through public practice.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry fit your standards.

The program reflects the full scope of integrated physical and chemistry science content standards for high school - those identified as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Take a Deeper Dive into Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™

Select a chapter below to learn more about learning activities and investigations included in the Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™ program.

Activate Learning Digital Platform

The Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry™ curriculum is available in print and digital format. The digital edition of the curriculum is provided on the Activate Learning Digital Platform for teachers and students.

Teachers can...

  • Plan standards-based instruction
  • Prepare for every lesson with teacher tools and resources
  • Teach lessons that effectively differentiate for ALL students
  • Assign and monitor student work
  • Easily and efficiently review and provide feedback on student work
  • Create and share assessments
  • Assess student progress

Students can...

  • Apply their learning authentically
  • Engage like scientists by recording their learning
  • Receive and respond to teacher feedback in real-time
  • Represent their ideas as models
  • Annotate and highlight text
  • Respond to questions using sentence starters and read-aloud feature
  • Demonstrate their understanding through assessment

Science Kits and Equipment 

All the materials needed for investigations are provided in our science kits and organized for teacher convenience.

Materials are an essential element to investigation-centered learning and we have science kits to support every unit in our K-12 program lineup. 

For information and options to procure additional materials and equipment, please contact your Activate Learning Regional Sales Manager or Request Product Information.

About the Authors

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