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ONPAR’s multimedia interface is designed to be accessible to diverse students and to provide rich formative information to both teachers and students.

An innovative 3-dimensional assessment system:

  • Funded by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Qualifies for ESSER funding
  • Provides data for Individualized Learning Plans
  • Interactive Digital Edition
  • Links directly from your Activate Learning Digital Platform account using single sign-on
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Address Learning Loss by Implementing ONPAR, a Formative Assessment Program

Understand where your students are every step of the way

  • Use ONPAR to understand student learning.
  • ONPAR concept-based formative assessment complements any middle school program.
  • A 3-dimensional formative assessment system that provides immediate feedback to both students and teachers along with strategies for moving student learning forward.
  • Qualifies for ESSER I (CARES Act), ESSER II (CRRSA Act), and ARP ESSER III (ARP Act) funding.

Accessible Assessment Questions

  • Animations, graphics, and other multimedia representations provide multiple means of accessing information
  • Real-life scenarios engage students in challenging content and problem solving
  • UDL options address the learning and assessment needs of diverse students
    • Spanish or English audio option
    • Built-in language support through hyperlinks for underscored words
    • Screen text elaborates the task for students who prefer more reading

Together, these features provide multiple pathways for students to understand and respond to questions. The focus of the assessment is on the concepts rather than the language of the test.

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Ongoing, Timely Feedback for Teachers and Students

ONPAR uses innovative scoring algorithms so that students and teachers receive immediate score reports, and learning challenges can be addressed in a timely fashion. Feedback reports are action focused revealing individual students’ results on each aspect of a performance task.

Student reports. After students complete a task, the auto-scoring process results in an automatically generated score report. To support student learning, reports include not only scores but also detailed feedback on the three NGSS dimensions, as well as on common misunderstandings. Students view their own individual reports via the student portal; teachers review them via teacher portal.

Classroom reports. In addition to individual reports for each student, the teacher portal includes whole classroom reports that provide a snapshot of how an entire class of students performed on a task.

NEW! ONPAR Retake Feature

A teacher may wish to have a class retake an ONPAR task in order to see growth in understanding from the first time the task was delivered. The retake is the exact same task.

After a task has been made Active, a blue “Retake” button will appear. When Retake is clicked, students are able to start the task over from scratch.

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Retake Reports

Retake Reports are available for individual students at the student level, as well as for teachers at both the student and the class level. When a classroom has retaken a task, teachers, and students will have access to both their original Report and the Retake Report. The Retake Report is an additional tab on the report screen.

ONPAR retake report (1)


  • The Retake option is only possible for a class. It is not possible for a single student.
  • The Retake report is only available after the classroom has completed the Retake version of the task.
  • Only one Retake is allowed per task.
  • Teachers can enable a retake of mini-tasks, but do not see the student task reports. There is just a checkmark to indicate if a mini-task was taken. 
  • Paper tasks cannot be retaken.
ONPAR is a U.S. Department of Education funded project, and partner to Activate Learning, developing computerized classroom assessments to support teaching and assessing students’ knowledge of complex mathematics and science. These assessments integrate into IQWST classrooms, and are appropriate for use with all students, using engaging multi-media content to greatly reduce accessibility-barriers for English learners and other students who struggle with language-heavy traditional tests. ONPAR is designed using the latest college and career readiness standards, including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and Framework for K-12 Science Education.

ONPAR Introduction

ONPAR Overview for Teachers

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