At Activate Learning, we believe there is a better way to engage students in STEM

Engage students with authentic learning and phenomena that are relevant and meaningful.

With our programs, student engagement comes from actively doing and making sense of science and mathematics. Students investigate and explain phenomena, gather and analyze data, develop and use visual models, and solve multi-step problems. They develop important life skills as they work collaboratively in groups and explore individually with technology supports. Our programs help students to articulate their thinking, critique the reasoning of others, and persevere in completing rich tasks and tackling complex problems.

Inspire teachers with research-based curricula that support three-dimensional learning.

Our programs fuel the passion of our teachers. Educators are actively guiding students through rigorous science and mathematics investigations. Our comprehensive teacher resources provide the necessary content, structure, and supports. We provide videos for lesson preparation, just-in-time access to instructional materials, embedded guides to orchestrate each investigation, and technology supports to efficiently evaluate student work and provide personalized feedback.

Prepare students for STEM careers of tomorrow.

Our programs offer investigation-centered and project-based learning that allows students to drive their learning through their own questions and ideas. The learning skills and science concepts that students explore and practice prepare them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. This translates into young adults willing and able to question the world around them and lead innovation.


Activate Learning Partners with OpenSciEd to Deliver the First Interactive Digital Edition of OpenSciEd and Comprehensive Science Kits for Middle School

Announcing Activate Learning PRIME
New K-5 Science Curriculum

The University of Chicago and Activate Learning today announced an exciting partnership to publishActivate Learning PRIMETM, a K-5 investigation-centered science curriculum. Activate Learning PRIME is the new elementary component of Activate Learning K-8 ScienceTM and is nowavailable for the 2019-2020 school year in print and digital versions.

IQWST Tier 1 Science for Middle School

We are proud to announce that IQWST was the only middle school science curriculum to make the cut as a Tier One science program in the recent Louisiana Dept. of Education review.

IQWST Selected for Adoption by the State of California

November 15, 2018

IQWST® California Edition has been approved by the California Department of Education (CDE) for adoption and implementation in California schools. IQWST is designed to meet the Integrated Model described by the CDE. It addresses all CA NGSS standards according to grade-level expectations. Each of the 12 modules integrates multiple disciplines from among Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Earth Science, Space Science, and Engineering Design.
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