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This K-12 review site provides a convenient and high level introduction into our program lineup and corresponding resources.


Welcome Tulsa Teachers!

We've prepared information on our programs that covers topics addressed in your districts science selection rubrics focusing on:

  • Ease of use
  • Tech components/support for distance learning
  • Exploratory lab investigations
  • Equity & inclusiveness

Tulsa Focal Topics

Ease of Use - Our New Digital Platform User Experience

In 2021 we're launching our brand-new user interface for our Activate Learning Digital Platform to give teachers an even better teaching experience with our programs. Activate learning programs are easier to use than ever with teachers utilizing our new workflow of:

  • Plan
  • Teach
  • Assign
  • Assess
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Support For Distance Learning - Activate Learning Everywhere

All programs are available in digital and print. In 2020 we launched our Activate Learning Everywhere initiative with flexible options to deliver our programs in remote environments.

Our Digital Editions integrate with LMS systems, to include:  Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Canvas and Classlink.


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Exploratory Lab Investigations - Doing Science Every Day

Student sense making and the student-centered learning experience is a critical part of what makes an Activate Learning program.


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At the K-5 level - students experience science through lightweight investigations like investigating objects various state of matter. This culminates with an open exploration of new solids and liquids.

At the 6-8 level - students gradually revise their prior understanding overtime of driving questions they are in charge of making sense of. We utilize practices like claim evidence reasoning and modeling to enhance the student experience.

At the 9-12 level - students engage in open-ended exploratory labs that tie into a chapter challenge (project) at the end of each chapter.

For adoptions in 2021, schools will be able to use PocketLabs devices in IQWST, Active Chemistry, Active Physics, Active Physical Science and EarthCOMM, replacing our previous measuring devices or what we previously called, probe alternatives.


  • Allow students to create and execute their own investigations
  • Allow student to record and analyze data in real-time
  • Enable an overlay of data and video automatically

Equity & Inclusiveness

Grades K-5

Our K-5 program utilizes multiple entry points for providing equity in science education including but not limited to:

  • Family links
  • Science centers
  • Cross curricular connections
  • Scaffolded student talk
  • Lesson extensions
  • Further explorations

Grades 6-8

  • The IQWST 6-8 program is fully translated into Spanish
  • Provides differentiation recommendations for every lesson
  • We also host multiple iterations of every lesson in the supplemental materials tab. Click here for an example.

(For more information see the review guide)

Grades 9-12

Our 9-12 programs include comprehensive information on meeting needs of all students for every lesson section on:

  • Accommodation and augmentation
  • Strategies and ELL support.

Example: Active Physics Chapter 1, Section 1: Reaction Time: Responding to Road Hazards

(For more information see the review guide)


Review Guides


Grades K-5

Activate Learning PRIME® - is an easy to use program that engages children in learning science by doing science, with a focus on developing discourse practices. To review PRIME watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide.


Grades 6-8

IQWST® - stands for Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology. To review IQWST watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide. 

Thank you for your time

Thank you Oklahoma educators for taking the time to review our K-8 programs. Click the button to the left to access my contact form.

- Jen, Oklahoma Manager K-8



Active (1)

Grades 9-12

To review Active Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry, EarthComm watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide.




To review Environmental Science & Biocomplexity watch our quick overview video and view our reviewer guide.



Additional High School STEM programs

Engineering the Future

Thank you for your time

Thank you Oklahoma educators for taking the time to review our 9-12 project-based science programs. Click the button to the left to access my contact form.

- Doug Slatten, Oklahoma Manager High School



Program Support

Teacher Support Team

All of our programs are supported by experienced support and implementation staff for a successful launch, ongoing support, coaching, and iterative training based off your sites needs.

Used By

In Oklahoma, our programs are used in Lawton Public Schools and Oklahoma City Public Schools. Across the country, we hope to Activate Learning with over 2 million students by the end of 2021.

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