Why can't some of my students log in?

If your roster has already been uploaded, students may have trouble logging in if they are not using the correct URL. Make sure that they are going to your district-specific URL. It was provided during your setup process and will look something like this: “"

How do I recover my password?

To Reset your password, please contact

How do I move students around to different classes?

Sign in to IQWST IDE and from the first screen, choose the Admin button on the bottom right. This will take you to the Admin Dashboard

On the Admin Dashboard, find your student's current class in the list and click the Manage Students icon on the right.

Find the student in the list and click Edit on the right side. you will see a form with the student ID, name, etc.

Find the School field and select the correct school.

Find the Class field and select the correct class. This will move the student from their current class to this new class.

To verify the change has been made, click on Manage Class from the menu at the top, select the target class, and check that the student has been moved to this class.

If you have any difficulty, please e-mail to

How do I provide access to a support teacher in my classroom?

Only District Managers can create new teachers.

To manually add a single teacher to the district:

  1. On the Manage District page, choose Manage Teachers. This will open list of teachers in the district.
  2. Click Create Teacher and enter the correct info for all fields. If the teacher already exists in the district, skip this step.
  3. Go to the Manage District page and choose Manage Teachers.
  4. Find the teacher in the list and click Manage Class on the right side.
  5. Select the desired School and Class, then click Add.
  6. The classes that this teacher is included in are listed on the right side under Classes.

To create teachers from a roster, please see the FAQ topic about upload a district roster.

If you have any difficulty, please e-mail to

Do you have a VPAT 2.0 Accessibility Conformance Report for IQWST IDE?

To obtain a VPAT 2.0 Accessibility Conformance Report please click here.

What are system requirements?

To view the minimum system requirements click here.