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This landing page includes the K-12 programs that were recommended for South Carolina. View the individual programs to get more detailed information by clicking the image below:

Professional Development

Activate Learning offers professional development support for all K-12 programs based on goals for teacher learning. We provide several opportunities for teachers to examine the chosen materials, understand how the curriculum design works, and analyze an array of instructional practices and strategies that foster meaningful student engagement.


Grades K-5

Developed by UChicago STEM Education, Activate Learning PRIME® (AL PRIME) is the product of a rigorous iterative development process by an author team comprised of both content and classroom specialists and is designed to be educative for elementary school teachers, as well as for students. The program engages children in learning science by doing science, with a focus on developing discourse and critical thinking skills alongside disciplinary content knowledge and science and engineering practices to help students make sense of engaging hands-on explorations.


Grades 6-8

IQWST® (Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology), which transforms adolescents into scientists, was developed over a decade by science education, literacy, and learning science specialists from the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Michigan State University, and the Weizmann Institute of Science, supported by funding from the National Science Foundation. Students investigate questions relevant to their lives by conducting investigations; collecting and analyzing data; developing and using models to explain phenomena, and engaging in argument from evidence, all in a literacy and discourse-rich environment.

IQWST in Action

IQWST Interactive Digital Edition

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Grades 9-12

EarthComm® is a comprehensive, project-based, secondary level Earth and space sciences program. It includes student learning materials, teacher resources, teacher-support networks, and assessment tools. EarthComm also features a robust Web site filled with student and teacher resources regularly updated by AGI.


EarthComm Interactive Digital Edition


Activate Learning has partnered with OpenSciEd to provide the first Interactive Digital Edition of OpenSciEd, Full-Color Teacher & Student Editions, and Science Kits for Middle School. Learn more about the Instructional Materials you can purchase from Activate Learning, a Certified Distributor of OpenSciEd.

Thank you for your time

Thank you for your time, South Carolina educators. As a former teacher and district specialist, I am confident we can work together to address your science standards and engage every student no matter the settings or challenges. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Andrew Whittet, Regional Manager