Licenses and Subscriptions
Download Student Work


Inventory Kits & Materials
Organize & Store Equipment


Reorder & Relax
Enjoy the rest of this
School Year & next Summer


As you plan your budget for next school year, here are some reminders so that you’ll be ready to engage your students in authentic STEM learning:

  1. Renew your subscriptions and licenses.
      • How many do you have now? How many will you need for the new school year? Make sure the district contact is aware if you need additional licenses or subscriptions. Send a list of all teachers and students to be setup to before the start of the new school year.
      • Download all student work and assessments before the end of the school year. All student information will be purged over the summer. If you need assistance with your download, please contact
        Activate Learning Support.
      • If your district is using Clever or Google Classroom, make sure your district IT coordinator is aware to share the correct data with Activate Learning Support.
      • If you haven’t already done so, update your login URL bookmark to


  2. Refill your kits and materials.
    • Organize your materials in an accessible location.
    • Refer to the packing slip or your TE for a list of all kit materials. Inventory all items and note any that need to be replaced because they are lost or broken. Also note which consumable items need to be replenished.
    • Make sure all equipment is clean and dry and replace items in the appropriate bins. For kits with lesson bags, return reusable items to the bags.
    • Don’t forget to check your Teacher and Student Editions! Do you need to replace any books, or will you need additional copies next year?


  3. Reorder and relax.
    • Submit your renewal, refill and replacement parts orders to the appropriate person in your school for reorder.
    • Relax and enjoy the rest of this school year while we prepare, pack, and ship your materials according to your needs. We will also setup your new classes with teacher and student licenses.
    • When your order arrives, confirm all items and quantities, and restock your kits.

REORDER CONTACT FORM If you have questions or need assistance preparing your order, please complete this form and your Regional Sales Manager will contact you directly.