Active Physics Q & A

Welcome Mid-Del High School Review Committee

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of the High School review committee. We appreciate the opportunity to further elaborate on your questions and we have addressed each one of them below. If you have any additional questions after this review, please contact Doug Slatten at the contact information at the end of this page.

Teaching and Learning with Active Physics

The Active Physics program has been aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards. You can access the full alignment by clicking the button below. Active Physics is powerful at addressing all the Science and Engineering Practices and Cross-Cutting Concepts. The Active Physics program also supports all the Engineering facets and all chapters are designed to use an Engineering Design Cycle.

Hear from an Active Physics teacher in the video to the right on how the program engages students in a whole new way.

Mid-Del Active Physics Questions & Answers

Technology Integration for Active Physics

Active Physics Interactive Digital Edition (IDE) is fully integrated with Canvas for rostering, SSO, assignments and grade passback. It is very easy to use with your district's Chromebooks for teachers and students. Student's complete and submit all of their assignments, models, quizzes, and tests from Canvas in our fully integrated platform.

We have created a short video to the right on how Canvas integrates with our digital platform. Upon adoption, our support team will assist you every step of the way to get your school fully integrated.

Mid-Del Active Physics Questions & Answers

Professional Development & Technical Assistance for Active Physics

Activate Learning works directly with the district to determine the needs of the teachers. Our Professional Development team will work to create a six (6) year plan according to needs of the teachers each year. We encourage the district to begin doing a training of trainers after year two so that as a need arises you have local teachers who can help. We provide several opportunities for teachers to examine the chosen materials. Understand how the curriculum design works and analyze an array of instructional practices and strategies that foster meaningful student engagement.

Below are a few of our PD options we offer for Active Physics both in-person and virtually.

Online remote learning. Teacher with computer having video conference chat with student and class group. Teaching and learning from home. Homeschooling during quarantine and coronavirus outbreak.


Facilitator meets with teachers in any combination of grades (9-12) to introduce key components of the curriculum. Session uses one exemplar unit as an example to illustrate pedagogies and practices of Active Physics. Schools can choose from a 3 hour half day or 6 hour full day virtual training.



The Introductory PD introduces educators who are new to our curriculum to its scope and design prior to implementing the curriculum in their classrooms. Teachers experience an opening sequence of activities as learners, then they reflect on aspects of their experience that made the lesson meaningful. The full day onsite training is 6 hours.


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Teachers are shown how to access and navigate the Interactive Digital Edition (IDE) to identify the many resources available for both teachers and students. Teachers understand how to set up, manage classes and grade student assignments, become familiar with the many ways the student readings can be adjusted for all learners and learn how to create assessments with available online questions and create their own questions. The 90 minute virtual training is conducted via Zoom or other preferred platform.


Mid-Del Active Physics Questions & Answers

Thank you for your time

Thank you Mid-Del High School review committee for taking the time to review our Active Physics Q & A. Again, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the button to the left.

We look forward to partnering with Mid-Del today, tomorrow and in the future!

- Doug Slatten, HS Manager