LMS Teacher Login: Import Classes

What is this screen?

This is an updated version of the class selection screen. You can select classes to import here.

When you log in, this screen will appear if you have classes available for import in your LMS which have not yet been imported. (Note: classes you have already imported will NOT appear in this list.)

What if I’ve already imported all the classes I want to use, and I don’t want to import anything new?

If you don’t wish to import classes at this time, simply select nothing and click Continue. Your home screen will load with no new classes imported.

How do I import classes?

Mark the checkboxes under Import to select the science classes you’d like to import. (Leave the boxes unchecked for any other classes.) Select the grade level for the class, then click the Review Import button when done.

How do I rename classes?

Note that you can rename classes if you wish. Click the pencil icon, edit the class name, then click the green checkbox to save the new name.

What happens when I click the Review Import button?

When you click the Review Import button, you will have a chance to review your import setup. Click the Back button to go back and make changes. Click the Import button to proceed with the import.

How do I get back to this screen if I’ve already imported classes and I want to import a new class?

To return to this screen, simply log out and log back in. This screen will appear if there are any classes in your LMS that have not yet been imported.