Image of IQWST Concept Builders Text Book Covers

IQWST Concept Builders
A middle grades program solution for summer enrichment and extended day
(Available in Print and Digital)

IQWST Concept Builders:

    • Human Impacts on Earth’s Systems
    • Earth and Space Science
    • Macroevolution
    • Engineering Design

The Human Impacts, Macroevolution, Earth and Space Science concept builders include:

    • Approximately 2 weeks of activities (3-4 lessons designed for ten 50-minute class periods).
    • 1 kit with materials for 32 students to engage in all activities (1 section refill kit needed per class).

Across the Engineering Design Concept Builder, all of the NGSS Engineering PEs are addressed.
It can be used with or without IQWST. The Concept Builder includes:

    • 12 engineering activities – one to support the scientific principles addressed in each of the 12 IQWST units.
    • 12 readings, each of which connects in-class activities to life outside the classroom and the type of engineer
      (mechanical, biomedical, civil, etc.) who would do the kind of work.
    • 12 kits—one for each activity—to allow schools to purchase kits for the corresponding IQWST unit.