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Interactive Digital Edition

Interactive Digital Edition

The primary goal of IQWST® IDE is to provide teachers and students with a digital option for a discourse-based classroom. Although both the TE and the SE are available entirely in digital format, some teachers still choose to use a print TE along with their digital materials.

The IDE is not the same as pdfs on the Portal (which are also available). All PIs are projected from the IDE. Reading students’ written responses and providing written feedback is done through the IDE. Points or grades you choose to apply to students’ work are assigned using the IDE.

IQWST IDE expands the ways in which students are able to engage with science as it incorporates audio, video, graphic simulations, and writing and drawing tools into the curriculum.

Students are immersed in an interactive environment, with features that include:

  • "digital journals" for recording students’ original questions and data to support answering them
  • tabs for Scientific Principles and Driving Question Notes, just as in the print materials
  • communication and collaboration tools with their teacher(s) and other students
  • embedded videos
  • embedded simulations
  • audio versions of each reading
  • writing supports, including highlighting and annotations
Interactive Digital Edition

For teachers, the Interactive Digital Edition takes a layered approach to the organization of the various teacher resources available. The IDE provides all of the teacher resources available in the print materials and on the Teacher Portal in a single, simple-to-use tool.

Teacher tools include:

  • The Teacher Edition for each module
  • Inline standards correlations
  • Frequent formative assessment opportunities
  • Detailed setup videos providing activity setup instructions for appropriate lessons
  • Ability for students to digitally compose and submit answers to teachers
  • Ability for teachers to provide written feedback to students
  • Aggregated reporting of student and class responses, provides a “macro” view of overall progress
  • Test bank from which to choose and edit assessment items, to create your own items, and to create assessments that combine items in the test bank with your own original items. Assessments may easily be shared with colleagues also using IDE.
  • Integrates with most student information and single sign-on systems
Interactive Digital Edition

Videos for using the IDE are provided for teachers as new features are added.