September 13, 2020 0

Active Physics from Home

We switched to online teaching on 13 March 2020, and I was in the middle of chapter 5 with one section and had just begun chapter 9 with two other sections.  We continued online from where we left off in-person, with me emailing all my students daily assignments which they had to email back to me with their responses.  In some cases, I found videos for them to see what they would have seen directly in the lab; in other cases I found alternate ways for them to do the “Investigate” at home.  The groups got together on Google hangouts to do their chapter challenges, and I enabled one member of each group to share screen to present them.

This fall we are opening online, with hopes of getting into “hybrid” mode in October.  Meanwhile, I have created online assignments for chapter 1, only now I’m posting them on Schoology, and I’m going to use Zoom breakout rooms for answering “What Do You Think?” questions.  I’d be happy to share my online assignments (for chapters 1, 4, 5 (second half), 7, 8 (second half), and 9 with any interested teacher.

John Roeder
Teaching Active Physics at The Calhoun School in New York City since 1994