September 3, 2020 0

What Are Teachers Looking for with Remote Learning?

I have been an Instructional Coach and headed up the science curriculum adoption for a K-8 school district in California. We chose to pilot IQWST for grades 6-8. IQWST tested well for the hands-on learning of the students. The pacing guides were especially helpful to the teachers. 

When teaching went remote I personally spent my days running virtual teacher trainings to support teachers with their online instruction. The teachers were looking to find an online curriculum that integrated with Clever that they could efficiently send out ready-made lessons that the students could turn in remotely. They wanted the grades to flow into a spreadsheet. While this is counter-intuitive to deep NGSS learning, this is a new environment that caught us all off guard and we made the best we could of the situation.

For this school year our district is beginning five days a week in the classroom. Most teachers are anticipating that the school year will turn to remote learning at some point. Therefore, it is critical that the curriculum they have is in a format that they can quickly transform to online learning. 

What I gathered that teachers were looking for with remote learning:

  • Lesson plans that can be easily sent out digitally
  • Lessons that can be digitally turned in and graded
  • Grades can be easily transferred to a spreadsheet
  • Science reading that students can annotate and have read aloud
  • Online simulations with multiple iterations are helpful
  • Videos of educators doing a demonstration of a lab that enhances content understanding