Flexible solutions to support all remote learning environments.

Activate learning and engage your students wherever they are. We’ve developed Remote Learning Lesson Plans and created new teaching resources to support all remote and hybrid learning environments. Print, digital, and blended options ensure every student has opportunities to learn in or out of the classroom.

We’re ready to help you Activate Learning Everywhere!

Remote Learning Lesson Plans

The Remote Learning Lesson Plans (RLLPs) are adapted from the Teacher Editions to support continuous learning everywhere. The RLLPs condense what is taught in each activity with specific teaching recommendations, and the plans identify the digital resources, print resources, and materials needed to teach and learn outside of the classroom.

We acknowledge that every situation is unique. The RLLPs provide for teachers and students to support individual learning environments based on the available resources. The plans suggest when to use videos or images in lieu of classroom investigations and simple activities that students can do on their own.

Remote Learning Lesson Plans will be available in the Teacher Portal section under Remote Resources.

The RLLPs can be downloaded as Word documents to allow teachers the flexibility to edit the lesson plans as needed for unique learning environments. The RLLPs for many IQWST units are now available. Plans for the remaining units will be added on an ongoing basis.

Student Edition: All activities assume that students have access to the print or digital version of the Student Edition for readings and journal entries. PDF versions are available in English and Spanish. X X
Teaching Slides: New Teaching Slides help teachers lead virtual and in-class lessons. X1 X
Activity Videos:  New videos present the activities students would normally experience in the classroom. Students can watch the videos, make observations and record data. X X
Setup Videos: Setup videos are available for lengthy or complex procedures. Teachers may show these videos to demonstrate the activities or have students watch to prepare for discussion. X X
Supporting Videos: For select activities, videos have been chosen to demonstrate or provide relevant context for a particular concept. X X
Simulations: For select activities, simulations may be used by or shown to students to demonstrate or provide relevant context for a particular concept. X X
Projected Images: Images, diagrams, charts, etc. support observation, data collection, and group discussion. X X
Audio Readings: MP3 audio files of student readings for students needing support. X X
Interactive Student Work: Students can complete assignments and submit responses online. Teachers can view, comment, and score student work electronically.   X
Assessment: Teachers can create custom assessments then score them electronically. NGSS formative assessments, scores, and reports are also available via ONPAR.   X

1 Available in Teacher Portal Only

Materials and Equipment

Materials are an essential element to investigation-centered learning. The RLLPs identify which materials are needed from the Equipment Kit which common household items could be used to conduct simple and safe investigations at home.

Activate Learning can provide these materials as Student Kits to support remote learning.

For information and options to procure additional materials and equipment, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or call 646-502-5231.

LMS and Clever Integration

The Activate Learning Digital Platform (ALDP) seamlessly integrates with most Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and others.

Click the link here to view the integration video for Google Classroom, Canvas or


The ALDP also integrates with Clever for districts using this SSO portal.

To learn more, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or email

Additional IQWST Resources and Support

Download, edit, and send these letters home to Parents and Guardians.

  • Current users are invited to join and follow the Facebook Group: IQWST Educators.
  • There are also many shared resources in the IQWST Teacher Portal that may be useful for teachers and parents/guardians.
  • Launching the Unit and Anchoring Phenomenon: Download PDF or Slides
  • Using a Driving Question Board: DownloadPDF or Slides
  • Developing and Using Models:  Download PDF or Slides